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***Bio Softly Updated on 09/01/2022***


Aliases:Neph, Nephy
Age:Early Twenties
Race: Demi-human with fox\tanuki mix origin
Classes:Wannabe Arcane Archer
Usage:RP, PVE, Shard Runs,Conversation

Physical age: RP for more info
Sex: Female
Height:5'4 (about 164 centimetres)
Weight:115 lbs (52kg)
Build:Quite athletic and slim, with fairly muscle tone
Skin:pretty white, few freckles on her face
Complexion: Aspect of demi-human girl with animal features, fluffy ears and averagely sized bushy tail.

Shape: Long lively hair sometimes unmanaged, sometimes tied with a colored ribbon, almost always clean and sometimes scenting with something that can remember apricot, almond or honey.
Color: Red-brown

Shape:Almond shaped eyes
Color: Dark chestnut with red shading. Her eyes can become brighter when she's near water ambients or darker, tending to ruby shades in certain situations like fear, excitement, surprise.

SCENT: Going closely to her one can smell fragrances that remember  something sweet and fruity, like peach, strawberry, vanilla, apricot.
Her tail when moved energically can enhance and spread her sweet scent,
maybe attracting those with a good sense of scent.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Staring her with attention, when arms and shoulders exposed, one can notice signs and little scars on her smooth skin. With further closer look one may understand that those signs are what's left of slavery or punishment.

Nepheria wears a metallic worn-out arm-bracelet and wrist circle, that to careful look can easily remember the shape of a broken handcuff, adapted as piece of jewelry.

Nepheria best personal effect is the brown quiver she often wears especially in adventures.
Those who know her, maybe know the importance that item has for Nephy.
For the others, one can just notice she has great care and affection for her quiver.

Neph is a good girl, grew up in a quiet village and was not prepared to the world outside there.
Immediately she seems shy, often untrustful of unknowns.
She likes to study and know better her interlocutors before opening and becoming familiar.
Speaking to her, one can imagine she had a tormented past and still in the present there are much things that are unresolved.
Maybe knowing her better, one can discover more about her and her past.
Usually she's not so uninhibited, so she will probably keep away those who try to take advantage of her without being in her circle of acquaintances.

***Update of 03/01/2022***
Nepheria is less shy than first days in Sinfar, she is still untrustful and fearful of many things and persons though.

***Update of 09/01/2022***
Thanks to the nice persons she met until now, she gained more self-confidence. Going out of her "bubble" was surely an hard moment for her. She felt alone, confused and fearful of the unknow, but slowly she's learning to what she can encounter in Sinfar Isles.

Alignment:  Neutral Good
Religion:  //
Political affiliation: She's not affiliated to any political group along Sinfar Isles
Culture:  Story of her village, tales of Kitsunes, sparking interest to  learn new stories and cultures.
Occupation:  Adventurer ( for now)
Hobbies: Traveling
Love interest(s):  Who Knows
Sexual orientation: Mostly Females
Dominant hand:  Left
Living arrangements: //
Speech patterns: Sometimes can be insecure while speaking
Languages:  Common Language, Fox\Tanuki

PERSONALITY:  Nepheria is initially very shy, probably untrustful or sometimes fearful of unknown. She may have traumas of youth and
need to overcome all of that.
She is good-hearted and need to recover her self-confidence and meet new friends to bond with.
Maybe her personality will evolve.

FAMILY: Daughter of other Tanuki\Fox family like her
Nepheria was born in a small rural village near the sea, mainly inhabited by demi-humans like her.
Somehow something happened to her parents and her village and he was kept in a cage for years,
untill she got freed and decided to enbark in something new.
\\ I advice you to discover more through roleplay with her. :)

Nice Roleplay is always accepted
Slow Play


Mood dependant,
RP dependant.

Anything against Server Rules
Toilet stuff
Permadeath plays
Permainjury plays
Deep violence

***I'm new to Sinfar, be patient with me :)
I'm not english native speaker, but I'll do my best to avoid ruining your experience.
I like to improve and feel free to write me in tell for comments and advices***

Play time:
I'm playing from Europe! By the way you can find me at:
- 3 PM to 9 PM EST
- 21.00 to 3.00 CET (9 PM to 3 AM CET)
- Universally playing at UTC+1
- In weekends can happen to find me more :)

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human