Tabitha Bartan

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--- Short Summary ---

A woman born into a family of gifted mages, who has an insatiable taste for life and pleasure. Petite, outgoing, and an aspiring nymphomaniac courtesan, she pursues things that bring her joy and sexual fulfillment while learning more about her inherit fire abilities.

--- Personal Details ---

Faceclaim: Anya Taylor-Joy
Call Name: The Red Fox
Nicknames: Tabby, Tabs
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 108 lbs
Frame: Petite
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
 - Right Shoulder Blade: A Red Fox
 - Left Ankle: Polyamory Heart

--- Personality and History ---

Tabitha Bartan hails from the world of Azeroth where she began a promising career as an independent courtesan. She typically stays on Sinfar these days, but still travels between both worlds on occasion. Her trips back home focus on visiting her partners, family, and friends, where her life on Sinfar is usually motivated by the pursuit of pleasure and fulfillment in her career.

Tabitha has two romantic partners back home on Azeroth and enjoys an open, polyamorous dynamic with them. Occasionally they will come visit her on Sinfar, but mostly just her male partner Victor Mohgan. Her time on Sinfar has also yielded an additional two romantic partners, Telemnus Argrives and Elodie Rouzet. Despite her relationships, she is still free to pursue other sexual relationships and play partners.

Tabitha thoroughly enjoys meeting other sexual beings and seeks to build friendships and intimate connections with them. She has an outgoing, warm, bubbly, and wholesome personality, and genuinely wants everyone to find happiness and joy in all aspects of their lives. Given her hedonistic tendencies, she also loves helping others find fulfillment in their sexual desires and fantasies. She is a huge supporter of the queer community, female empowerment, individual rights, sex positivity, and bodily autonomy.

Her goal of running an independently owned and operated courtesan business has now materialized as Club Euphoria, and nightclub and bordello in Port Saban. She also has plans to expand her business empire with a salon and spa where she will make and sell her own beauty products, as well as building a private adult studio to shoot her own pornography for her fans.

--- Engagement ---

Green: PvE, Casual and Walk-Up RP, ERP, Events, OOC

Yellow (send tell to discuss): PvP, BDSM and Fetish Indulgence

Red: Rape, Needles, Blood Play, Fire Play, Scat

(NOTE: I do not engage in player to player ERP. Characters only.)

--- Erotic Details ---

Orientation: Pansexual
Role: Submissive
Birth Control: Yes
Breast Size: C
Pubic Hair: Shaved
Piercings: Ears
Perfume: Yes
Make-Up: Yes
Manicure: Yes
Pedicure: Yes

--- Kinks ---

- Bondage
- Cuckholding
- Cum Fetish
- Degradation
- Discipline
- Double Penetration
- Exhibitionism
- Experimentalist
- Foot Fetish
- Forced Orgasm
- Gangbangs
- Hedonism
- Hotwifing
- Impact Play
- Orgasm Denial
- Orgies
- Sensualism
- Swinging
- Voyeurism

--- Allowances ---

Anal Play/Sex: Maybe
Blowjobs/Eating Out: Yes
Breast/Nipple Play: Yes
Caressing/Touching: Yes
Cum Into/Onto: Yes
Cuddling/Hugging: Yes
Facials/Swallowing: Yes
Fingering/Handjobs: Yes
Fondling/Groping: Yes
Footjobs/Play: Yes
Kissing: Yes
Titty Fucking: Yes
Toe Sucking: Yes
Vaginal Sex: Yes
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human