Irri Ruven

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A youthful Elven woman with a slim, wiry build. She has dark skin, unmarred by scars or other blemishes, with her black hair tied up in to intricate brains decorated with small silver ornaments. Her fine features are usually delicately made up, a little shadow around her bright gold eyes, her lips painted a subtle red. Her nails are often more elaborate, painted pink and embellished with extra touches, runic or floral patterns that change from day to day.

Her clothing is generally in prim, conversative styles, often covering up from neck to toe. She favours decorative designs and bright, often clashing colour combinations, preferring her own sense of style. A spherical pendant hangs around her neck, painted in rainbow colours that any student of the Seldarine would recognise as a symbol of Kirith Sotheril. Alongside it hangs a gold signet ring on a leather cord, engraved with an insignia of a stylised, large-eared fox.

She can often be seen carrying a tome and alchemical supplies, clearly of a bookish persuasion, though comfortable and well-worn boots suggest she doesn't spend her life behind a desk.

Reds: Bathroom, blood, bestiality, non-con.

Yellows: Men, hermaphrodites, futa, etc.

Greens: Women, fingers, tongues, toys, gentle/romantic sex, feet, light bondage, dressing up. Tell friendly.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf