Altana Elenwe

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The woman in front of you is most likely wearing a heavy black full-plate armour, with a dark red coat and an imposing greatsword. She moves with vigour and confidence. Her face is hidden by her helmet, but you can see her piercing red eyes and her ebony skin through the openings.
For the ones who see her without this armour, they can admire a pretty drow. Long, immaculate white hair cascades down her back, framing a thin, delicate face. She is of a relatively small size keeping her breed. It is commanded by a sensual, athletic body, with developed shapes and pleasing to the eye.
Those who know her can affirm that the young drow is curious and full of passion. She's always up for some action. She speaks with respect to some, and with severity to others, depending on how she feels about them.

// French player, but I try my best with the english language ^^ I'm very tell-friendly ;)  If you have any question or remark don't hesitate. I like to play with other characters I know, on long-term. So I may propose you to stay in touch via discord, or accept mp requests :)

Lights : (As a switch leaning towards submissive, that's what she likes to be done to her, or do to others, according to your own lights of course)

White : Roleplay, especially elaborated ones, and on long-term. I also love to play some capture rp. The hunter and its prey... so exciting!

Green : Bondage, light and heavy (she loves all kind of restraints, from the simplest to the most elaborated like mummification for example). Bdsm. Forced behaviour, with blackmail for example, and a bit of humiliation. Sexy clothes (like corsets, heels, high boots, miniskirt, latex or leather suits, revealing clothes). I'm pretty bad to create some outfits in game so... feel free to propose yours ;). Temporary body modifications. Enema and belly inflation. Sex toys and sexual devices (all kinds). Spanking, pinches, that kind of body stimulation. Body oil and massages. Sex in privacy, with only one partner. Anal and oral play. She accepts most of races, both males and females, but leans toward females.

Yellow : Straightforward erp, without context (depend on my mood, but most of the time I'm not a fan). Permanent body modification (I'm not against them, but I need some time and trust). Vanilla. Mind control and drugs. Exhibitionism. Acts with more than one partner (I'm ok with that if I know them).

Red : Behaviour against server rules. Gore, torture, injuries, mutilation. Toilet plays. Vore.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf