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Name: Kura Ginkawa
Clan: Ginkawa
Race: Human (From what we can see)
Age : Around 20-ish
Gender : She can be.. Anything.
Height : 5 feet tall
Hair : Dark blue
Eyes : Grey and Black

*Unknown so far


Kura is a proud "assassin" of the Ginkawa clan. One mostly known for some infamous reasons across the their native land. Having arrived on these lands a few years ago, the reasons for its arrival are still unknown today.

A slender and surprisingly muscular body, Kura seems to have been entitled to a particularly strict training. If they are not attached at the level of her neck, she approaches a long hair of a bluish tone, dark that runs down her shoulders.

Concerning her eyes, they have an iris pulling on silver or gray, while the rest of her eyes are of a dark black instead of white. Her voice is full of calmness and expresses itself in a tone of the most subtle but without losing a threatening touch at times.

Despite her calm aura, Kura will not hesitate to start a fight if necessary. Whether to prove her natural superiority, or simply for her pleasure.

To achieve this excess of confidence, she does not refuse to forbid herself, going from one treatment to another to become increasingly strong, and consequently, threatening.

Overall.. She is a piece of art for some.



- Corruption/Body modifications (To increase her power)
- Hunter/Prey


- Roleplay (All kind)
- Breeding/Impregnation
- Sex in privacy or in public (sometimes in a scary corner where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered can do..)

- Anal
- Vaginal
- Oral

- Vore (Hehehe..)

- I accept most of races, more female, futa, herms..

The list goes on and on, anything is really a white or a green depending on the mood. More than happy to play out kinks on request!

If not listed in either green or red, just feel free to ask !

Behavior against server rules
Injuries/Mutilations (Hardcore) (But we can always talk about it, i might change my mind on the situation)


//tell friendly ! And feel free to Approach me IC ! I don't bite.. Or maybe but hey :3..

Please also.. Don't mind my english, it can be bad sometimes!

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human