Raydor Sornstar

Gender:  Male.
Race:  Human.
Apparent age: 50 to 60's

Appearance -

A fairly tall, appropriately built man.
His physique is quite developed for a older man, he has strong hands and broad shoulders.
His beard is carefully and evenly trimmed, his clothes are usually very well kept, wearing leathers and combinations of materials, from furs to modern fabrics.
His step is steady and determined, his voice is low and deep, after a few drinks he might be more bold and loud.

Profession -

He would usually describe himself as nothing but a teacher, in Sinfer's Academy, but  the students have heard tales and rumors of this man.

The truth is, in his career Raydor is vastly known for two things, the first one is the names "Straight A Ray", and "Backdoor Raydor", the rumors say that he is not shy from receiving favors from young students who desperately want to improve their grades.

The second one is that despite these rumors spreading like wildfire - he is still considered at the top of his field in this plane and many others, therefore management can't afford to lose him, in fact even though these rumors exist he was actually promoted to head of department.

Personality -
As a lone traveler he learned to hide his thoughts from others, plotting his own plans and never revealing his true motives.
He is actually a fairly open-minded person. He likes contact with other people, he loves his own freedom - but he also loves to take the freedom of others from time to time.
He is open and positive, but if he feels like it, or the situation requires him to do so, he can turn cold commanding, serious and quite a threatening man.

Dom leaning.
Vaginal, Anal (giving), Oral (receiving), Objectification, Humiliation, Aspiring/Desprate Apprentices, MFM/FMF.
Romance hugs and cuddles are always on the table too.

Oral (giving), Furry/Animalistic.

Puke, Poop, Gore/Vore

Mind Control, please read:
He is an Enchantment school focused mage who is also a master alchemist and is not afraid to use spells/potions to get what he wants.
This does not mean he will utterly control and the ERP experience will be the other side just repeating what it is told to do, some control would be left to the other person ("I can't believe I'm doing this/Why is my body doing this")
I tend to ask for permission.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human