Elodie Altis

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Human, Female, Young Adult, 5'4"/162cm, 110lbs/50kg, 32A-25-32, Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, Fair Skin.

Elodie is a little weird. She can sometimes be very polite and conversational and other times can be curt or brief to the point of impolite, even though that isn't her intention. She's very intelligent but a little bit socially inept. She's repelled by many different types of social situations yet seems to enjoy company at the same time (particularly of the male variety) and can be very opinionated about very specific (and often fairly insignificant) things.

Even her physical appearance is a little different. Into young adulthood now, she's (thankfully) finally matured and filled out some, but she's still on the skinny side. Her face, while pretty enough by most standards, is borderline average, forgettable, even, and her ears are a bit too big, proportionally.

She's not entirely flat-chested, but her bust is... small. She's not musuclar, svelte, maybe? She's not terribly curvy overall. Her legs are nicely-shaped-enough, one would say, but they're not overly toned and certainly not "thick."

As for Sinfar's more perverted populace went, her butt is quite nice. Really nice, actually, bubbly and firm at once, so there's that.

Clothing-wise, she can range from totally covered to a short skirt or pair of shorts or heels.

There is one other thing. She has a chastity ward. You can't see it, but it's there, and it would seem to rather effectively prevent traditional intercourse (vaginally, that is.) It's magical in nature and likely non-removable unless one were to consult whoever put it there to begin with.

This is unfortunate since she is starting to develop a fondness for men.

Where is she from? Why is she here? Who put that ward there? Roleplay for that.

Some broad whitelights would be men, older men, brutish types, shemales, lots of anal and related, big cocks, dirty talk.

A couple reds would be public erp and non-con. Others can be communicated in a tell if something comes up.

Open to tells if they are NWN related and open to RP setups.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human