Amber Bel'roth

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"Does my butt look big in this?"

Name: Amber Bel'roth.
Race: City Elf (Sun Elf).
Height: 5'0.
Occupation: OnlyElves.


A thick, overly well-kempt head of pretty, blonde hair flows down this diminutive elven woman's face. The silky straight tresses leave behind a pleasant smelling trail of honey and nuts (not the ones you're thinking of). Her sharp facial features, as sharp as those little knife ears that poke forth from her mane, often hold a haughty expression, if not a straight up bitch face. "Plenty make-up" seems to be her motto, as her face bears a multitude of it: primer, foundation, concealer, shadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, and highlighter are in use. Her slim neck leads into quite the voluptuous body; so thick that one questions if it's real. A massive pair of titty-mountains strain against her top, wobbling with near every movement. Her arms lack any muscle, and lead into a pair of small hands that have their fingernails painted pink. Her waist is just thin enough to amplify the sheer size of her ass. That big butt-cleavage is quite simply eye-catching, swaying side to side and pressing against her, often too tight, pants when she uses her long, thick legs to stroll onwards (though she'd probably rather be carried). Her petite feet's toenails were painted the same shade of pink that adorned the nails on her fingers.

Amber's attire is quite unlike what one would expect of an elf. Come to think of it, she doesn't act like one either. She looks like a stuck up city girl, garbed in whatever designer clothes are currently priciest on the market. Suffice to say, this pointy eared broad seems to like money and mimosas.

Player:Hot Tub Stream
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human