Istolil d'Gharr

Race: Drow
Ht: 4'10
Wt: 95 lbs
Eyes: Lilac
Hair: White (tri mohawk)

Istolil was born to Z'ress Jhalavar, the matron mother of House Jhalavar, the nineth house of Menzoberranzan. Due to the status of his birth order, Istolil was to be sacrificed to Lolth. However, the sacrificial blade of Matron Jhalavar could not pierce the infant. Her second-oldest son, Ryld Jhalavar, was ordered to assist, but as he grabbed the infant, all of the kinetic energy of the attempted sacrifice was reflected on to him. Ryld was killed instead. The failure of the sacrifice was kept secret, but Matron Jhalavar feared Istolil  from that time forward and believed that her fate was tied with his. Istolil was viewed as favored by the Spider Queen. Indeed, Lolth did favor him as an agent of chaos and granted him the memory of his near-sacrifice.

Slender in build and sporting numerous facial piercings, Istolil  wears a split robe favoring darker colors. Commonly wears high boots, bracelets and other jewelry that typically makes loud noise upon his approach (the jewelry jangling and the boots loudly echoing upon the floor.) His behavior is sometimes eccentric often mumbling to himself.  Almost always seen carrying an old dusty tome.

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Player:Snow Raven
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf