Vigdis Steelshadow

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Steely eyed and stern this feminine duergar appraises the world as a commodity. Her purple painted lips are often pursed and she never seems satisfied or happy with any outcome even when she says she is.

Her skin is smooth like marble and carries its shine. Her body has similar sculp - being thick, dwarfish, but somewhere where muscle and fat meet.

She seems to have manifested a shock of thick horse-like hair despite her mutagenic subrace's propensity of being entirely bald.

She wears a thick, steel-chained tome over shoulder like a purse and the magically inclined probably will think it is a grimoire.

Often times she can be found with a fierce Nessian hound at her side on a thin link of silver chain like some sort of prestige show dog.

Lights are for surfacers.

Mithril: Feminine figures, Femboys, banter, well behaved beasts, watersports, giving + receiving piston-like handjobs, and money.

Steel: Receiving anal, love, and doing things at a discount.

Bronze: Masculine men, puke, scat, and doing things for free.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Dwarf