Lynnyra Blackshadow

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Height: 5'9
Weight: 120
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Luminescent Green
Build: Curvy hourglass
Race: Sin'dorei


Lynnyra dresses in incredibly expensive silks, and exotic fabrics. Most often crafted from the leather of some incredibly rare beast, and from the most expensive tailors, having inherited the fortune from her slain parents, funding of her adventures was no object.




Starting from the top, a lush cascade of blonde tressing that was usually kept back in a decorative ponytail of some sort draped back down over her shoulders. Brows of equal hue sprouted out to the sides in a long, bouncing length.  Bright, sparkling eyes that radiated a luminescent green glow dominated her facial features.  Angular nose giving way down to the cushion of glossy-painted, black-cherry lips that almost always wore a curious smirk.  Incredibly long, pointed, elven-ears shot up, and back from the sides of her head; peeking through her blonde curtain.

Lynnyra is a juicy woman, bordering chubby, this shows in the softness of her face, her chin, and down over her shoulders before giving a padded appearance to the rest of her luscious, curvy figure.  Nails painted a bright, deep crimson; tipping the ends of her pristine fingers.

Large, heavy bosom-melons decorated the expanse of her chest, unpierced; and capped by thick nipples that sat right in the middle of her matching, pink circles.  While she hadn't done anything to her body in a physical fashion regarding magic, her rack of tits was pretty impressive for an elven woman.

Broad hips giving way to the expanse of her big, fat ghetto-booty. Down between her supple, soft thighs displayed a chubby plumpness of a juicy lady-slit. Entirely devoid of any hair at all. Following down to the legs ended off with a pair of feet that were immaculately cared for, and the nails were painted to match her fingers.
Player:Blood Elven Babe
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human