Daisuke Wyrd

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         At A Glance!

Name - Daisuke Wyrd
Height - 5'9
Race - Kitsune
Sex - Male


At first glance, Daisuke may not look like the most inviting sort... And that may have been true until more recently. The kitsune seems to have found himself a home, and while he can still often be staring around quietly with that cold gaze if he's uninterested, when the opposite is true? It isn't rare to see him crack a smile or a joke, even if it is usually delivered in deadpan fashion. Daisuke was characteristically forward, too. There wasn't much of a filter between his brain and mouth, and he almost always spit out whatever he was thinking at the time without much concern for the consequences. That isn't to say he was purposely rude, but you can expect this particular fox to be as blunt as he is lazy.


A black haired, black furred kitsune often seen in Kozakuran garb, or different varities of topless.. He REALLY likes going topless! Starting from the top, his fluffy ears poked up high atop his head and made his race relatively clear right from the start. Those black ears were very similar in color to his hair on the outside, and a significantly lighter grey on the inside. The fur itself was soft and clearly well kept, and the same was true for... His mane! Mane really did seem more appropriate for what he was sporting, an absolutely wild mass of hair. It was thick, wide and lengthy, reaching down all the way towards his ass in the back, and hanging over his shoulders in the front. It seemed to have the same care for it that his fur and body did in terms of cleanliness, but no amount of brushing seemed able to tame that wild style it bore.

His face was eye catching in it's own way, staring with icy blue eyes that often looked as cold as the color they bore.. His cool stare was complimented with dark, strange black lines across either side of his face. They almost looked like black veins at a glance, but their shapes were a little too erratic for that.. And they were also symmetrical across either side of his face. All in all, his features were androgynous.. Beautiful even. This trend of androgyny continued across his entire body. He could certainly be described as lithe and slender, and his form was smooth all across it's pale flesh. It seemed that those dark lines on his face were the only thing he had that broke up his light, soft skin. There was quite the contrast after eyes passed down his smooth tummy, though.. Down to a modest pair of hips, and the impressive "gifts" they were supporting on either side.

In the front, the fox defied his somewhat effeminate looks with a prick that most men would struggle to match. While flaccid, it was already an obvious force to reckon with, a thick girth that laid against one of his smooth thighs.. And once he was teased? His girth would grow to a sizable, almost imposing nine inches.. Either due to shameless pride or comfort, the fox often didn't wear anything beneath his robes or other clothing, normally leading to a pretty apparent bulge that he didn't try to hide. Opposite that thick dick and it's fat, hairless sack below.. Well, he was a pretty boy, and he was sporting a delicious pair of cheeks to bring it all together. His booty could easily be described as hefty, plump.. More than enough shape to it to bounce, but it maintained that alluring smooth surface all across those two globes.

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human