Hadley Montgrave

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((Long bio – Lights, OOC, ERP and general RP info are at the bottom.))

With the exception of those with the perceptiveness of a doorknob, it wouldn't take most people long to realize that this young lady likely comes from a wealthy background, perhaps not quite nobility or royalty, but, certainly of the one percent, so to speak.

She appears to be human, female, and probably around twenty, give or take.

As to exactly where she comes from, it could be hard to say. If she's more or less a “local,” Aglon or Sinifer City wouldn't be a bad guess, or if she comes from a place like Faerun, any of the larger cities where significant wealth can be found that cater to a wide variety of humans could be a fair guess.

She doesn't speak with a particularly thick accent of any kind, simply a refined human common tongue, and given her fair to lightly tanned skin, that does rule out some places of origin.

She has a dark reddish tint to her hair, but it looks dyed. Again if someone were guessing, brown seems to be the most obvious choice for a natural hair color, but in any case, it's dark reddish brown now.

Money does not seem to be of much concern to this woman. Wherever she came from, she seems to have brought enough to allow her to purchase fine things and live as she pleases for the foreseeable future.

Curiously though, while her garments and equipment are clearly of fine quality, they are somewhat understated, not plain, still fashionable, but not flashy. Either she is a bit on the humble side or she doesn't want to attract too much attention.

She also doesn't seem to stay in the fanciest of establishments, even if she could afford them. If she is getting a drink, or renting a room, she can often be found in a place that could be considered rather average, regular, and sometimes even a little run down. Once again, she might be avoiding attention, or again if we're guessing, maybe she's just had her fill of fancy people and places and now prefers the company of those more... worldly. Or she's just frugal.

She does carry a shoulder bag, and within it one might spot a spell book and various spell components. Occasionally she'll walk with a stave too, and like her garments, it's of a fine quality, but understated, yet clearly enchanted.

Things might be starting to make a bit more sense now. A young woman of wealthy descent who has decided to forego arranged marriages, dinner parties and the like in favor of the pursuance of wizardry and all of the socially aloof things that go along with it – frowns, disapproval and perhaps outright disowning from her family, long nights alone pouring over books and scrolls, long treks into wilderness fetching components, lots of practice, apprenticing, all the rest.

Her face is pretty, soft and slightly angular, her lips occasionally pursed, her expression rarely “bubbly,” sometimes even having that sort of “resting bitch face” look, although it usually isn't intentional, more so a result of her mind generally always working on something, and she somehow seems to manage to be both confident and indecisive at once. She's articulate and intelligent but can be a little... well, again, her studies seem to occasionally get in the way of her social skills.

Physique-wise, she is certainly attractive. Those good genes and that wealthy upbringing do show. She's not skinny but she's slender. She cuts a classy figure, not overly busty, but with enough curve present to draw the eye. For those who appreciate a well-proportioned figure, she sports a moderate bust complimentary to her average height, a slim waist and flat stomach, nicely defined thighs, calves, forearms and biceps, and a nearly jaw-dropping firm, bubbly ass. More on that later.

The rather solitary nature of pursuing wizardry and her general avoidance of men that might be considered her peers (aka, younger noblemen or gentlemen) often leaves her in a somewhat sexually repressed or frustrated state, however, this does not mean that she lacks interest, even if it does lead her down avenues and into relations with partners that she otherwise might never have considered.

Working class or lower class men, older men and men of other races and even species in some cases are beginning to pique her curiosity, for better or worse. With all of that being said, a nobleman with the right sorf of persistence still might convince her to give in too. In simpler terms, Hadley is finding that she is more interested in the risque and taboo than the traditional, but, she still has appearances to keep up, so, she'll likely try to keep all of that behind closed doors, so to speak.

((Since she is a new character and seemingly just showing herself in Sinfar, her experience level right now is minimal both in terms of her exposure to sexual situations and her skill as a wizard, and this will broaden on both fronts likely with time.))

Anal (receiving,)
double anal,
anal fisting,
rimming (receiving and giving,)
m/m/f, m/m/m/f,
well-endowed partners,
multiple partners,
older partners,
unattractive partners,
attractive partners,
interracial partners,
overweight partners,
monstrous humanoid partners,
dubious consent,
dirty talk,
slutty clothes,
other things of that nature.

REDLIGHTS can more or less be roleplayed. The ERP WHITES list makes what she is after ERP-wise pretty clear. I will send a tell if something comes up that I am not comfortable with, or feel free to ask in a tell if you have a question.

OOC NOTES: This is not just an ERP character, very open to adventuring and traditional RP. Tell friendly and walk-up friendly, open to setting up scenes in tells too, open to using tells as a form of IC communication (notes delivered to her, telepathy, etc. Feel free to ask questions via tell but please avoid asking for personal info or non-NWN related things.)
Player:Hadley Montgrave
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human