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Perverse (adjective): Contrary to the accepted or expected standard or practice.

Born directly from the pits of Hell, imps are among the least of the true devils; these vicious, manipulative fiends, however, hold an important role in the corruption of mortal souls. Unfettered from the ranks and duties of diabolical armies, imps delight in any opportunity to travel to the Material Plane and subtly tempt mortals toward acts of ever-greater depravity.

Imps vary widely in appearance, ranging through a spectrum of bestial traits and grotesque body shapes, though most take the forms of red-skinned, winged humanoids with bulbous features. Such a typical imp stands a mere 2 feet tall, has a 3-foot wingspan, and weighs 10 pounds.

Unlike most devils, imps often find themselves free and alone on the Material Plane, particularly after they've been summoned to serve as familiars and their masters have perished (often indirectly due to the machinations of the imp itself). With no way to return home, these imps, freed of their bonds to arcane masters, can become dangerous pests or even leaders of small tribes of savage humanoids like goblins or kobolds.

Looking For (in no particular order):

- Intrigue of all kinds. Danger. Being surprised. Consequences that can lead to fun and interesting plot twists in an ongoing story. Not knowing what's going to happen next.

- Providing services as a detective, spy, lawyer, clerk, or general minion to those with things that need doing.

- Lively, intelligent debate about moral relativism, religion, legal niceties, and the like.

- With the right people, under the right circumstances, anything from mostly-consensual BDSM play, to degenerate hardcore handholding.

- Plot hooks relating to his fiendish heritage. Devil-hunting priests and celestials, more powerful devils looking to squash him under their thumb, demon/devil rivalries, past victims seeking revenge, and the like. If you'd like your character to have some prior connection to Iago in this fashion, send a tell.

- Iago can potentially be summoned via spells like planar binding, for those who want to conjure him by name.

- Feel free to take advantage of his small stature to manhandle the imp. It's fine.

- Iago will not inflict non-con or dub-con on others, but is more or less fair game to receive it (see below).

Not Looking For:

- Sex acts involving children, toilet play, animals or particularly animal-like creatures, or Iago interacting with any other character's penis.

Additional Notes:

- Iago is a sneaky boi. If you're in a publicly accessible place, I will assume you're OOC'ly open to the possibility of someone eavesdropping on you. If you notice him hanging around (by spotting him, or by !whospy, either way) and want him to leave, feel free to send a quick, polite tell, and most likely I'll be happy to oblige.

- Although he generally means well, Iago is still very much a devil (no matter what certain people may claim), and is perfectly comfortable doing bad things to people, when he feels the situation calls for it. That said, I, the player, do not want Iago to be the reason for anyone being hurt or upset OOC. If Iago does something that bothers you OOC, or it looks like he's going to, let me know, and we'll work something out.

- Whether it's cutting sarcasm, crude insults that would make a sailor blush, or long-winded explanations of how devils are really just misunderstood, the thoughts and opinions expressed by this character only sometimes reflect those of the player.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Halfling