Hakumei Sen

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Name: Hakumei (twilight) Sen (Line/Stroke of a brush). [An obscure reference to Sumi-e black ink art.]
Gender: Male.
Race: Kitsune (Permanent Kitsune-tsuki).
Weight: 70 kg (155 lb).
Height: 186 cm (6' 1'').
Body: Well toned and athletic. A complete absence of superflous body hair.
Age: Over 200 years old.
Hair: Well maintained long, silver hair with black hues.
Eyes: Golden with black striped iris.
Skin: Fair.
Languages: Common, Kozakuran, Spirit-folk, Draconic, High Shou.
Voice: Calm and pleasantly musical. A faint kozakuran accent can be perceived.
Features: An handsome looking man whose not shy to hide his nature:
-A pair of crimson tipped silver fox-ears.
-Very pointy canines.
-Two tails poking out of his clothes, one sporting the same silver mane with black hues of his hair, the other being the exact opposite of black mane with silver stripes.

What's clear at a first glance is his fluffy racial features. His ears perk up and move curiously to study a new or unknown sound. Tails that either sway around lazily, or are merely resting around the male's body as if they were a second set of clothes and accessories.

To those close enough, a pleasant scent of cherry blossoms and oranges can be perceived lingering in the air near him.

Accessories: He carries a good number of accessories on his person:
-Left Ear: A golden ear plate of simple design.
-Neck: A steel chain necklace with a tao like symbol pendant.
-Right Wrist: Two bracialets made respectively of crystal clear Jade and Imperial Jade.
-Left Hand: Each finger has a ring made of precious metal, ranging from platinum, gold and silver to a mix of the three whenever the design meant more than the material.

Despite all the metal, his accessories don't seem to produce any particular sound, whether it is from a supernatural like ability or mere grace of movement.

Notable traits: Despite possessing a cunning mind often found in those who spent years pursuing hidden knowledge or thanks the guiding of books and mentors, what he has is something wilder, yet to be refined, as the result of many years he spied on the more civilized cultures of Kara-tur. Similarly, his behaviour can be resumed as calm and curious, a cutting contrast with the predatory aura soaking his persona, likely a part of his true essence and not due his intentions.

Element: Art/Music (Dominant), Void.

Behaviour: Calm, collected and generally easy going. He will welcome anyone seeking company, especially before a cup of tea or while appreciating anything related to art and beauty, which he made his lifelong neverending pursuit. Even though his knowledge on the topic is pretty limited, (i.e he won't know a specific artist, writer, painter or work name), he will be sure to make it know his delight when presented with the chance of admiring a masterpiece.
Not fond of conflict and if pressed, he'd rather choose to excuse himself or find a different solution other than battling. If there was a word that could describe him best, it would be "Placid".

Peculiar Abilities: A collection of skills and abilities developed through training and RP:
-Onmyodo (The way of the Yin and Yang): A collection of natural science, astronomy, divination and magic based on the Kara-Turan philosophies of the "Path of Enlightment" and "The Way" having at the core the teachings of Wuxing (five elements) and Godai disciplines.
-Foxfire: A type of illusory flame (or ghost fire) used to generate light and to outline hidden items and creatures. Haku's foxfire carries over the male's duality of colours tipical of his mane, an eerie floating fire that swirls in black like ink and pure silvery coloured flames. In rare cases, one might witness him using his foxfire supporting his spellcasting methods.

((Player's notes))

This character is meant to merely enjoy relaxed RP and encounters, while I as a player have currently no interest in pursuing conflict RP or PvP in any form. This means I will avoid any RP that forcefully attempts to lead towards a conflict and/or PvP, nor will entertain IC/OOC behaviour pushing for such results for the sake of having an enjoyable experience on the server.

With that said, I'm a friendly player that can be reasoned with and that doesn't mind OOC chatting, so feel free to reach me out.
Additionally, I'm not opposed to OOC set up for RP, as it allows both sides to get the kind of situation they enjoy most or that their mood dictates.


Sexual orientation: Heterosexual/Straight (Heavily likes females).

Death/Perma, Mutilation, Toilet play, Gore, Vore, Illegal (per server rules), Age-Play, Non Con (Kidnapping, Rape, Mind-control, Enslavement, Torture), God-moding, Pregnancy (Not something I find enjoyable), Drama IC/OOC, PvP, Futa, Trap, Males.

Slavery (Normally an Orange, but that requires discussion), Drugging (same as Slavery), BDSM.

Females (any, Haku really likes them), Vanilla, MFF, Oral (giving/receiving), Large/Difficult insertions, Cervical penetration, Anal (giving).

Whites and Favourite Themes:
Shortstacks (Smaller/shorter partners), Size difference, Romance RP, Cuddling, Story and Character Development RP, Light RP, Adventuring.

[When in doubt, feel free to ask]


-To you that have taken the bother to check even the bottom part of this bio and hopefully have liked this character well enough, there is a potential RP hook that could be played. If interested, feel free to inquire about it, but as a forewarning, what I deem very necessary in here is available time and timezones, and the approach to the RP.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf