Gwen Allin

Height: 5'5
Skin: fair
Complexion: minor tan
Hair: chestnut
Eye color: light brown
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: heterosexual, submissive, prefers dominant males

Arche Terre Interaction: RP-only (not looking for pvp)

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Appearance: A young human woman in her early twenties, she moves with the routine of someone who is used to movement and a lot of walking. Her demeanor and graceful way to carry herself may remind a bit of a waitress of a middle or upper class tavern.

Additional info: This character is a bit of an experiment, I have left her development almost completely open. That means depending on who she meets, what happens, etc, she might learn any profession, turn out in different ways or change personality wise.

ooc info: Please respect a "No" or "Please stop this" and I may be willing to explore a great number of things and maybe even make exceptions to traffic lights when I am in the mood.

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Red Lights:

- anything against server rules
- gore/vore/scat/vomit/bathroom play
- extreme torture/mutilation
- pvp/death/sacrifices
- mind control
- being fed on
- erp in general
- any form of sex and/or rape happening to Gwen (both played-out and off-screen/fade-to-black) threats are okay as long as they aren't carried out. (fear can still be powerful for rp though!)
- anything breeding related
- necrophilia
- relationships with females
- cervixbusting/ovipositioning (anything with laying eggs into my character)

I do not know any kink that exists, so I naturally reserve the right to add anything that I find out is a redlight for me to this list in the moment that I discover it. I will let you know and remove myself from the situation and update my lights accordingly.

Yellow Lights:

- strong injury/physical violence/torture
- permanent stuff/lasting changes
- permanent enslavement/permanent captivity (needs to be arranged oocly)
- voyerism
- sex&rape (happening to others)
- females in anything beyond friendship

Green Lights:

- males (especially in any of the following)
- flirting/dating/romance/relationships
- affection/intimacy/intimate atmosphere
- progressive rp/character development
- immersive rp/plot-driven/adventure
- longterm rp

I am here for story and rp (especially character development&longterm), not interested in random/quick/meaningless ERP

If you would like to set up a meeting or have questions please feel free to send a tell.
Thank you.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human