Jayne Tormis

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//Tell friendly.  Portrait and more updated 12/11/23

//Jayne is a druid, and at times I have her in random nature locations.  As such, she is seldom hidden, so feel free to "stumble" upon her for a chat.  Also, if not an instant reply, I am possibly alt-tabbed or stepped away to get some water - back soon!

Height: 4'11"
Age: Appears to be in her early 40s
Race: Human
Body-Type: Hourglass
Haircolor:  Blond naturally, though it can be fun to change
Eye color: Bright Blue
Gender:  Female (Has yet to have any reason to alter it)
Interests: Women
Position: Sub and bottom - but please do not read that as "pushover."
Voice: Mature, soothing
Figure: Thicc
Complexion:  Lightly tanned - parts shown in public, anyway.  Currently has slight tan lines

Standing prim and proper, Jayne gives every impression of the welcoming if controlled mature woman.  Though her body certainly has seen the effects of aging, she still possesses most of the figure of her youth - and according to opinion, some of those features might have even been enhanced with age and a bit of added cushion.

Jayne tends to come off a bit motherly.  She's certainly on the short side and dresses often very conservatively, but regardless of her efforts, it's impossible to hide her curvy, full figure.  When in public, her fabrics are always natural ones, no latex.  She has a great love of being playful, even teasing - it is in fact a way to find out she actually likes a person and isn't just being polite.  

As for  more, that's all you get without RP!  Come along, have a chat, and find out more about this mature woman.

//The OOC stuff.  These are player lights and apply to ERP, come see what Jayne likes for yourself:

Greens (highlights): Lesbians (especially other women with toys), sleep play, spanking, hair pulling, bondage, toys, physical alterations (with OOC agreement/discussion!), bondage, anal, making porn

Yellows: Public in any way but discrete whispers. Pregnancy (practically red) - this requires time and effort, and isn't something I trust to just anyone.

Reds: Usuals, server rules, things belonging in toilets, rape, men, torture, permanent change without checking first, bestiality (full animals, anthros are perfectly fine), vore, urethral insertions, diapers, ugliness, overlarge insertions (if the proportions would fit a horse, I guarantee they're not fitting Jayne!), cervical penetration (makes me wince and cross my legs)

//If you read this far, wow, thanks.  If you skimmed for lights, I get it.  If you enjoy my RP and want to make a character connected to Jayne's backstory/family (she has 2 daughters and a best friend back home), let me know and we can talk it out
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human