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A young man of mixed heritage, bearing a handsome face with preternaturally green eyes, blonde mane, and ears just slightly pointier than those of a human, at their very tips. Tall, fit and toned, it's clear he likes to keep in shape.

Approaching the word with an air of lazy nonchalance his eyes nevertheless betray him to be a keen observer, hiding a sharp mind behind that piercing green gaze.

At times he might take the form of a magnificent specimen of a wolf, covered in fluffed snow white fur, feeling soft and warming to the touch. Flawless pearly fangs often bare themselves into a cheeky wolfish grin without meaning to, a sight that might appear threatening if not also retaining those intelligent eyes.

Green: Women, Vanilla, Romance, Cuddles, Shows of Affection, Wildness, Passion, Dates, Gentle sex, Rough sex, Taking wolf shape, Light dom & bondage, Impregnation, Friends with (or without) benefits, Casual Hookups..

Red: Sex with men & anyone with a dick. Toilet play, Underage characters, Heavy bdsm, Excessive violence, Cruelty, Over-detailed Gore, Vore, Rape.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf