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Name: Dappy
Race: Goblin (Gold chasing Goblin)

Specifically bred to be a breeder for a Goblin Horde, her wide hips, tight neatly trimmed pussy and big voluptuous tits made her an obvious a favorite for the horny warriors of the Horde.

One day while rummaging for berries in the forest Dappy saw a horse-drawn carriage with two coachmen and a woman in a beautiful dress, enviously she looked down at her own potato sack clothing and dreamed of having her own dress.

When the chance came she ran away to a human town, she wanted a beautiful dress like the woman on the stage-coach. She found a kind old seamstress who gave her a meal and listened to her dream of owning a dress. "If you find me the flowers and berries I need for dyes, I will buy them and you can use the coin to buy material and make your own dress"

Dappy was used to finding berries and such, returned a few days later with all the berries and flowers the old woman sought. Dappy was paid a meager sum of silver for the supplies. Dappy then bought the material and made her first dress.

So excited, Dappy dawned her new dress and went to town to show it off. Wandering into the wrong parts of town she was met with men's "hoots and cheers" in the alleyways.

Flattered by the such cheers, Dappy swayed her stuff. The men saw her for nothing more then a Goblin Hooker and used her as such. After a good bout of sucking, fucking and squirting, Dappy's dress was ripped, torn and stained, but the satisfied men each tossed gold on Dappy's  ruined dress on the floor.

Dappy made much more in an evening stroll being fucked by strangers then days in the forest. Dappy loved the touch and smell of gold... she loved even more that men would pay her gold to do exactly what Dappy was bred to be.

Greens: Males, females, definitely horny shemales. Breeding, Seduction, Depraved lewdness, All the way through and tummy bulging. Tender blushing intimacy with a shy partner. Adventures in and out of the bedroom that turn into violent ravishing's with perverted tentacles, PVE, Quickies...Dirty Fun among Adults.. .you get the picture.

If in question always fun to let the dice decide.

Player is tell friendly but English is not my native language and I am learning please be understanding!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling