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A short(2'10") halfling girl with dark red hair and a bright smile, she moves with typical halfling grace as she looks about with her almond-colored eyes. She is rather thin, lacking in much muscle, but has a buxom figure.

Those looking closely at the cute little hin will perhaps notice that she moves about with a dancer's grace. Even if they are not so perceptive, the curvy halfling will often absently shimmy or bounce in place, as if she's got too much energy. She tends to prefer more vibrant colors in her wardrobe, and seems to have very little actual modesty in her attire or behavior, though typically seeming more coincidental that actively intentional.

To call her a 'bimbo' might be putting it mildly, often seeming to run into situations without really considering the ramifications of her actions, or without much heed of the consequences, living by the halfling mantra "I'm sure it will be fine". She isn't 'stupid' however, or at least not as dumb as she sometimes may seem, just doesn't always think out what she does to the end result.

She seems like a normal halfling except for a few notable strange differences, like the black furred dog tail usually wagging excitedly behind her, or the small pointed canine ears on the sides of her head, and the fact that those with noses attuned to such can smell that she always seems to be in 'heat', or appears to be anyway.

On her right ass cheek there is a brand of a curled horn. Around her neck is a tight collar with a tag that reads "Free-Use Pet" and on the back "Property of Jedra'ha Yril'Lysyl".

OOC 'Blessings' of demonic origin

Dog Tail: A Floofy Dog tail. Purely aesthetic, though does seem to 'display' her emotion, typically wagging in times of pleasure or excitement or joy.

Dog Ears: A pair of pointed dog ears on the sides of her head, similar to the tail they are mostly cosmetic, not really improving her hearing all that much seemingly, though they equally seem rather expressive, and sensitive to the touch. They also make for nice things to hold onto.

Unnatural Stretching: Augmented to stretch around any insertion without pain, but only mindnumbing pleasure, her body now acts like it was made to be turned into a living cocksleeve for massively endowed individuals. It also seems to return to it's normal tightness following such insertions, ensuring every time is as tight as the last.

Heat-scent: Lydia perpetually smells like a female dog in heat, just begging to be mounted on something and bred, though it is impossible to know if she is aware of this or not.

Cross-Species Viability: Lydia's body has adapted to be quite the breeder, capable of producing children for various assorted species and creatures.

Demonic-fucksense: Demons can sense that she is more susceptible to their charms, and a more indepth 'detection' can tell she is more susceptible to their breeding as well.

Immunity to Suffocating (On Cock): Lydia can still breath even when thoroughly planted balls deep on someone, allowing her to constantly breath in their scent and not pass out as her face is used every bit as easily as any of her other holes.


Red Lights: Bathroom stuff, Blood, Vomit, Death, Body Changing without asking

Generally open to most things aside from the above! Lydia tends to get herself into troublesome situations, feel free to shoot a tell if you are interested in something, and feel free to just scoop her up and have a good time!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling