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Updated 09/13/2023:
New-New piercings. Rebirth info. Achievement unlocked.

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

Name: Lavinia (luh·vi·nee·uh)
Race: Pureblood Fiend
Gender: Futa. Gender Fluid. NB
Pronouns: She/Her He/Him
Age: 19
Height: Tall
Eye Color: Magenta
Figure: Athletic. Tone
Scent: Spicy Cinnamon
Background: Noble Born
Role: Villain
Title: Queen bitch. Bully. Playboy.
Profession: In university majoring in Law and minor in Real Estate
Tattoos: None at the moment!
Piercings: Ears. face. foreskin
Disposition: Top. Alpha. Dom.
Motto: "Authenticity above all else."
Parents: Tessalyn+Lilith
Sexuality: Polyamorous
Hobbies: Bullying your character
Likes: Being pleased
Dislikes: Pleasing others*
Personality: Larger than life. Playboy. Bossy. Youngest born. Daddy's girl. Brat.
Flaws: Narcissism. ADHD. OCD. Mild-Claustrophobia. Mild-BPD. Pretentiousness. Main Character Syndrome. Short fuse. Phobia of latex.
Titles: Bench Queen. Bratty Tatted Daddy. Preppy University Student. Final Boss. Local magnet. Best donkey in Sinfar.


A De'Ville values family above all else, at any cost. They do not pluck out their enemies. Opting instead to isolate, starve them of water, and watch their leaves crumble.



Wearing the title proudly, she is now the head of her house.

Lavinia is a bully and a playboy. She's the kinda girl-boy your parents warned you about. Your character may feel uneasy around her if they are disagreeable.

This De'Ville is a professional shit talker. (You've been warned).

Her father, Tessalyn De'Ville (Played by me), is a prominent attorney for the city. Lavinia has inherited her fathers trickery. Her mother, Lilith (RubberDoll), is a prominent bimbo in the city. Thanks in part to both parents, this pureblood demonetta exudes a natural, horny, pleasing's musk and sweat. Lavinia has an intense aura of fertility. She has complete control over her corruption.

Lavi has been 'reborn' and lost her tattoos. Her new mother, Lilith Synderlin (Uzzy), has birthed Lavinia taller, stronger and more masculine. Much to her chagrin, Lavi has a more youthful, pretty and girly face.

Her dick is glorious for Sinifer standards. Twelve inches of thick, veiny, bumpy flesh. Her foreskin is pierced with eleven barbells. All of which protecting her purple crown.  Four of which are Adamantine studs. The other seven piercing are a golden hue, which have been pierced through the top middle flesh. All of them are chilled and cold to the touch.

The middle finger of her right hand was graced with a ring that allows her to summon Morgan, her bound  little bottom bitch, at her leisure.

The ring finger of that same hand equally graced with an emanating square cut Amethyst gemstone, a promise ring from her witchy lover Natasha. The vision and inscription can be learned IC.

Her fatherly instincts are otherworldly. Lavinia has hired muscle watching her children when in the city, from a distance. Threatening them can result in a gang of villains abducting your toon for "A really good time". Take that for what you will. <3

She only smokes 'Rich Bitch' branded cigarettes.


Lavi's Kinks:

Elves, Motherly personality types, Being called a 'good boy', Having her hair played with, Bullying your character, Shaming your character.



W: Thirsty messages. Lewding the hottest girls, Long descriptive posts, Rough-dirty-sweaty smut, Being pampered/worshiped, RP buildup into smut, Impregnating cuties/Breeding, Tongue piercings, Girls who squirt, Vaginal sex, Dirty talk, Big titties, Blowjobs, Rimming, Flirting, Consent or lack thereof, Bad ends (for your worthless character), RP involving her gender dysphoria, Bimbofication, Morgan.

G: Here for a good time and/or a long time.

Y: Bubble RP, Male and Shemale in ERP (Not really my thing), 0 effort NWN toons (Dont be lazy, ask for help!), Blank bios, Halflings.

R: (I reserve the right to bail without notice) Waiting for your lazy short post, PVP without proper RP, Furries/Animals in ERP, Fisting, Scat, Vore. Her receiving anal
Any RP involving abortion of /her/ children is a no go.

A special note on fapplogging:
I will shadowban your ass and gossip about you in OOC lounge. (You've been warned)


Talisstra Seal of Approval: Best Breeder on Sinfar.


For more advanced RP:
I have multiple characters. I enjoy playing more than one character at a time during a single scene. If that is of interest to you? Mention it.

Thank you for reading! <3

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