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Updated 01/20/2023 w/ New foreskin piercing, lore check

Name: Lavinia (luh·vi·nee·uh)
Race: Half-Blood Fiend
Gender: Shemale. Gender Fluid.
Pronouns: She/Her He/Him
Age: 18
Height: Tall
Figure: Tone. Slender. Abs
Scent: Spicy Cinnamon
Background: Noble Born
Role: Villain
Title: Bitch. Bully. Playboy. Fiendetta
Profession: In university majoring in Law and minor in Real Estate
Tattoos: Lots
Piercings: Ears, face, foreskin. Nipples
Disposition: Top. Alpha. Dom. Sugar Daddy
Motto: "Authenticity above all else."
Parents: Tessalyn+Lilith
Sexuality: Polyamorous
Hobbies: Bullying your character
Likes: Being pleased
Dislikes: Pleasing others*
Personality: Larger than life. Playboy. Bossy. Youngest born. Daddy's girl. Brat. Short fuse.
Flaws: Narcissism. ADHD. OCD. Mild-. Mild-BPD. Pretentiousness. Main Character Syndrome.
Titles: Bench Queen. Bratty Tatted Daddy. Preppy University Student
demonietta puzzona. Final Boss

A De'Ville values family above all else, at any cost.
They do not pluck out their enemies. Opting instead to isolate, starve them of water, and watch their leaves crumble.



Lavinia is a  bully and a playboy.

She's the kinda boy your parents warned you about.

Your character may feel uneasy around her if they are disagreeable.

This De'Ville is a professional shit talker. (You've been warned)

If your character pisses her off, it will be up to your toon to make it right. Otherwise, her wrath with ensue.

Raised a noble and learned street smarts.

She enjoys the simple things: Getting her way, smoking weed, coke, love.

Her father, Tessalyn De'Ville (Played by me), is a prominent attorney for the city. Lavinia has inherited her fathers trickery.

Her mother, Lilith (RubberDoll), is a prominent bimbo in the city.

Lavinia's cleansing, months back, was not a lifetime cure all fix as thought to be. Slowly, her corruptive inflence is reemerging. Her mothers inherited pheromonic abilities mix with Lavinias own natural, horny, pleasing's musk's and sweat. The fiendette still exudes an aura of fertility nonetheless. She is learning to control her corruption.

Lore checks:

Her DICK is glorious for Sinfar standards. Twelve inches, thick, veiny and her foreskin is pierced in the corners with four Adamantine studs. All of which protecting her purple crown. Those Adamantine studs are cold enhanced and kept her pheromones in check.

A fifth piercing, a golden barbell, has been pierced through the top middle flesh of her foreskin.

She sports a pink glowing halo of Sharess that she was gifted from a slutty angel.

The middle finger of her right hand was graced with a ring that allows her to summon Morgan, her bound fiend little bitch, at her leisure.

The ring finger of that same hand equally graced with an emanating square cut Amethyst gemstone, a promise ring from her witchy lover Natasha. The vision and inscription can be learned IC

Lavinia wears a necklace of a Mudflap Girl around her neck made of a rather resilitient silver gemstone. The inscription "Sinfar's Baddest Bitch Lavinia De'Ville" embossed  with gold outline. A gift from Ho.

She is also adorn with a lovely pendant around her neck. The inscription reads "Ayane's good girl".

Lavinia has gold speckled stars in her dark black hair. One for each child she fathers.

She has some bimbos lips tattooed at the base of her dick.

This playboy is utterly addicted to elven women.

RUNE: The Green Witch Yavanna (Faded, no longer viable)
On her lower back rested a simple runic marking. The world serpent, biting at its own tail. Yet far from being a barren symbol, as a lavish pattern of lines flowed out from within and around, surrounding the serpent itself.

Special feats:
Comeback Queen
Frustration Release
Acts of Charity*
Corrupt Seed

Theme Song:
Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure


Lavi's Kinks:

Motherly personality types
Being called a 'good boy' or 'good girl'
Having her hair played with
Bullying your character
Grading women 1-10
Shaming your character



Lewding the hottest girls on the server
Being pampered/worshiped
Rough, dirty, sweaty smut
Engaging and creative RP
RP buildup into SMUT
Long term rp partners
Impregnating cuties
Tongue piercings
Girls who squirt
Character flaws
Vaginal sex
Big titties
Dirty talk

See white lights.

Anal sex (Requires good 'ass' RP)
Male and Shemale in ERP
0 effort NWN toons
Blank bios

~Red: (I reserve the right to bail without notice)
Waiting for your lazy short post
Latex (Condoms are fine)
PVP without proper RP
Furries/Animals in ERP

~A SPECIAL NOTE ON FAPLOGGING: I will shadowban your ass and gossip about you in OOC lounge. (You've been warned)
*Mood dependent

Questions? Ask. Please.

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