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Name: Kiba [Formerly Caelin "Mockingbird" Aird]
Race: Hengeyokai (Wolf)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0" / 7'5" [hybrid]
Weight: 200lbs / 333lbs [hybrid]
Build: Muscular/Lean
Languages: Common, Kozakuran

Forms: As a hengeyokai, Kiba is able to shift into one of three different forms: Human, Hybrid, or Wolf.

Human: In this form Kiba stands at 6ft even, long unkept black hair adorns his head like a mane with hints of silver accents. Two wolfish black ears peek from the his hair, typically standing tall at attention, occasionally twitching and rotating as they try catch the sounds around them. His facial features are soft, Karaturan in nature though marred with a handful of light scars. Glaring out from under the black hair are two bright yellow eyes. They often peer as a predator observing his prey, or perhaps a simple curiosity. When he speaks in his gruff voice, two enlarged canine teeth are easily visible. His body is muscular, though lean, tuned through a life of battle with his greatsword. A glance down his arm would lead you to small black claws terminating his fingertips. The final prominent feature being a long fluffy black tail often responsible for betraying his rough demeanor.

Hybrid: In this form Kiba stands at the full 7'0" of his kin. His eyes remain the same piercing yellow while his body is coated in silky black and silver fur broken only for an occasional scar. When he speaks, he does so in low growling tones often accentuated if he senses it is unnerving.

Regardless of the form, Kiba holds a sweet earthy scent like freshly cut grass with the hint of a musky undertone.

Demeanor: Kiba is often brash and a bit boisterous. His arrogance is matched by his hot-headedness often resulting in unnecessary confrontation. But despite this front, he rarely seeks real violence against anyone and the aggressive persona occasionally betrayed by the flick of his tail or perking of his ears. Those who spend the time to study this man may find pain and regret buried behind those wolfish eyes.

Sexual preference: Bisexual (female leaning), dominant.

Reds [never say never's]: Toilet play, torture, BDSM.

Yellows [maybes]: Slave play, anal (receiving), fellatio (giving), mind control/manipulation.

Greens [no worries]: Cuddling, romance, vaginal, anal, oral.

Anything else: I'm generally down for anything so long as it is RP related. If you have any concerns of something not listed above feel free to PM me!

Player's note: I'm a friendly player so please feel free to send me tells about any or everything. ^^,

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human