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Mara of the Ulpii

A slender and diminutive girl stands before you. Elongated curls of coppery hair flowing down and around and framing a heart-shaped face as milky white as the rest of her willowy body. She appears no less an ancient sculpture, in form and in bearing, as despite her youthful features (late teens, perhaps, or early twenties) she carries herself with a statuesque countenance, as if something had died in some parts of her and is now an echo of a being that once-was. A pair of luminescent orbs stand as the most striking feature, shimmering and swirling with Plutonian energy, the only vivid indicator at first glance of her preternatural kind. Between that piercing gaze rests a flat, greek nose, elegantly crowning twin petals of lip, neither moist nor cracked. It is only when they part to speak that the livelihood of her voice makes for a stark contrast to her stillness: melodious and soft.

She has kept to the makeup of her former existence - dark eyeliners, rich lashes, pink lipstick and a faint blush, as well as polish that darkened her nails to a ruby or blood crimson. It seems they need to renewal any longer, as if cast that way, like the rest of her, forever. The delicate perfumes, she changes, as does on occasion her garb, though by far the most common sight of her would be caught in a silvery stola, an acorn of memory. She has long ceased the habit of wearing any shoes, however, save for some special event here and there, preferring the freedom of her bared feet across surfaces that no longer scar her.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf