Lucia Addams

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Everything down here is 18+!!!

Lucia Addams

Lucia is pretty young girl she is younger sister of Elisabetta Feinor. If i mean younger so really younger. Her sis could be her mum there is really big age difference. Her mum is Annabel Addams.

She is young noble female. Her daddy calls her little princess but she is wild nasty one.  Someone calls her impish spoilt brat.

But same as her milfs sister Lucia is really pretty. She is adorable young chick with nice curves and she is not shy to show her nice curves same as he pretty face.
Her nipples are mostly stiff really big it looks so sexy on her small young boobies.
Her pussy is swollen, she has meaty outer and innerlabias her clit is puffy but mostly hidden by hood.
Her pussy and breasts are so sensitive.
And if any cock unloads semen inside her pussy she will massage and pump more semen inside her fertile depths.

Be careful if she sweats it has powerful aphrodisiac scent, which lures only males and male animals!.  

So look at this

She loves various fun and she enjoys it a lot. But there are some bad habits too. She is young and so conceited like spoilt brat. She loves teasing everyone!
And she is dangerously curious mainly in different races and animals.

She does not like shemales :P.

She is wild adorable noble princess!

She loves sucking it so she has to train a lot!

Its best morning when you cum over her, is it healthy for skin, right?

If cock is inside it is heaven, damn i should use any protection, ehmm.

She is so cute when she sleeps, is not she?

YES! She loves it! She can not hold it back she needs knot inside her!

What? We are just cuddling!

Sometimes she gets in situation when it hard to answer to daddys call but maybe she could make videocall, right?

Kissing? Only nice and passionate!

- all uh uh disgusting thing - gore, scat, torture, amputation, mutilation, perma-death
- players who poof (i will put you in my black list when you disconect from game without reason or apology. When i have DC i apology always for it)
- players who need to bothering other players....please do not ruin my RP ;). If you do not like my RP so do not play with me.
- shemales, herms, femboys - yes i am cruel but sorry i am not interested

- females, only rarely when is fine mood for that
- analsex, you can not get all!
- elven or angelic males :P

Whitish white: She is too curious so new experience drove her crazy in some things:
- she moved here so all different races, animals, beasts, creatures are so interesting for her (but she does not like dragonic ones)
- she loves canine ones she is totally impressed by them
- she is addicted to goats semen
- she loves lewd exploring
- she is atracted by fat and ugly men

- male = humans, orcs, dwarves, goblins, imps

- animals = dog, horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, camels and so on

- she really loves vaginal sex

- she adores blowjob

- yep for crempie, cervix penetration, fisting...

- gangbangs, threesome

- humiliation, blackmailing....

- drugs, naughty magic, alcohol...

- watersports

- stuffing her pussy with things (dildos, fruits, eggs and so on), stretchting ...gapping

- funny RP ;)
- long term RP or quickie is not problem ;)
- Rp with imaginary NPC (Hey sailors come fuck this slut
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human