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Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 162cm (5'4'')
Body Shape: Pear
Physique: Slim, supple, and delicate
Skin Color: Pale, perhaps anemic
Hair Color: Black (May vary)
Eye Color: Green (May vary)
Aroma: Bibliosmia and plum blossom

Commonly garmented in the trappings of magery, this short slip of a woman carried herself with conservation and inquest in equal measure. She oft donned a wide-brim hat, occasionally a set of spectacles, and retained a grimoire of arcane power in her possession almost religiously. Delicate, modestly shapely, and even slightly 'bottom-heavy', she lacked the muscle tone of the average adventurer, reigned in by bookish tendencies.

That hat perched atop her head was a strange one indeed. Though its shape and style sometimes changed, it had a face, and always seemed slightly... animated. At the best of times, it glowered at people nearby. At the worst, it might even start talking.

A set of runes have been drawn around her navel. A certain proficiency in magic may reveal their purposes.

        -- Notes --

    (( art credit: sciamano240 ))

Tell, setup, and walk-up friendly. If I don't respond right away, I might be AFK, in the middle of typing, or having connectivity issues.

- Magic?
- New familiars?
- Students or servants?
- Strange and interesting trinkets?
- Villain/protagonist?
- Experiments?
- Dubious associations?
- Devilish/demonic deals?
- Occult RP? (necromancy/demonology/etc.)

          -- Lights --

R: Excrement, filth, underage (it's in the server rules), permanent death.

Y: Torture themes, macro/micro/hyper, overly-large proportions, hermaphrodites.

G: Generally anything else that isn't listed above can at least be tried, but if you're not sure, just ask.

          -- Themes --

Sorted by category because there's so many of them. List is not exclusive, just here to give some ideas.

[Races: Preference for what is humanoid. Ideally nothing with a vast size difference, but open to monsters, shorter races, and many others.]
[Genders: Males, females, feminine boys, transgender girls, everything in-between, open to magical alteration.]
[Consent: Consensual, Dub-con, non-con; anything from lovey-dovey to hard rape.]
[Magic: Rituals, mind control, geases, experiments, tentacles, magic play, eromancy, summonings, deals, voyeurism (invisibility/scrying), gender/sex alteration, transformations, illusions, enchantments, etc.]
[BDSM: Asyphxiation, rough sex, spanking, forniphilia, face sitting, slave or pet play, discipline, exertion of control, obedience, femdom (as the dom), praise, hair pulling, teasing and taunting, misogyny, bondage, immobilization, straitjackets, apparatus, gun play, knife play, cane/staff/baton play.]
[Angles: Vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex; external or internal; giving or receiving.]
[Intimacy: Pampering, cuddling, tantric sex, romance, gentle sex, navel play, ear play, neck play, hair play, massages and oils, aftercare, deep kissing, sloppy kisses, comfy, intercrural, cock-warming, friends with benefits.]
[Fun: Gambling, games of chance, surprises, twists, trickery, pranks, theft, quickies (especially sneaky ones, or semi-public ones), drugs, illusions, aphrodesiacs.]
[Deviance: Somniphilia, voyeurism, stalking, sloppy-seconds, incest.]
[Perversion: Necrophilia, undead, xeno, fiendish. Special appreciation for forbidden love (not likely to be long-term) such as monster/alien romances; she might be comfortable 'courting' her summons or some form of alien or monster, no matter how hideous or deranged they are, for example.]
[Groups: MMF, MMMF, FFM, FFMM; orgies (especially ritualistic ones), bukkake, hand-offs, different partners (groups not played by one person), round-robins, light exhibitionism, being the only one who doesn't cum.]
[Cum: Creampies (especially risky ones), internal cumshots (special love when there's multiple in a scene and bonus points if it's the same hole), breeding, impregnation, condom abandonment, womb-filling, external cumshots, cumming on her belongings, lots of cum, cum milking.]
[Special/Misc: Body hair/obesity/older age in men, fluid/sound/touch/feeling emphasis, partially-clothed, interracial, quickies, footplay, taking someone's virginity or being their first and easing them through the process, pheromones, spit, slimes/oozes, sloppy/messy sex.]
Player:goth muffin
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human