Born on the wrong side of the city and orphaned at an early age, the elf escaped the abuse of the children's home and grew up on the street. Her elven name long since forgotten, the small elf accepted and came to adopt the name the human shop owner called her. Always skittish, she never dared to get too close to him, but he let her pillage his waste box for scraps and on rare occasions, he even added a piece of over ripe, yet uneaten fruit, the only real kindness she can remember while growing up in the back alleys of the city.

Malnourished, she remained small, not even reaching five feet in hight, but her heart was big enough and her mind was keen, developing the survival skills a small girl alone in the city needed. Often the lessons were painful. Moving quietely, usually unseen, patiently waiting to safely take what she needed, then later, as she grew into a young woman, the things she desired, specifically money for softer boots or better tools for her self-taught trade and lately, enough to support her growing facination with the metal and ink of body art. She taught  herself to read and even learned a little of the arcane from a book she "borrowed" from that arrogant shit of an elven mage, who thought himself so much better than she was.

The memories of the children's home, faded but never truly gone. Things that happened there left scars that will never heal, even if never remembered. It was safer being alone on the streets, hiding, avoiding people, always moving away when she felt threatened. It seems those lessons have stayed with her, seldom spending time with anyone, unless their help is needed for a "job" or more likely they now need her, now well-honed skills.


Lights - Unknown, she has never been touched in an intimate way, the likelihood of that happening remaining small, given her mistrust of people and some truly horrible memories. That part of her just  seems to be a little bit broken.

Meredyth is a rogue (mostly) and was specifically made to explore the "rogue cave" quest in AT or perhaps to help in shard runs when the service of a rogue is needed. She will respond to greetings and questions and might even engage in social conversation, something which is new to her, she's learning.
Player:Proporzione Divina
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf