Lara Chaoshield

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The Bio will change as rp happens so check alot' fork kinks check below

Humanity: 25%
Feral: 75%

She looks and acts a little diffrent more catlike and very submissive

She may have demon eatures but she is not evil

and yes ill say it im a guy who plays female chars so if that freaks you out im sorry

She is Inhabiting the body of Lillianos

depending on what she feels like she usualy smells of a random pheromone (ask in tells for the days smell)

When preggers she becomes motherly and affectionite and very protective of her mate and will lactate also when her kids are born thy are placed in a pocket plane to grow and train in combat and magic

Everyone has an affection rating to Lara ranks ( wanna know yours just ask)

1-25 friend
26-50 Bestie
51-75 Lover/Friend with benifits
76-100 Devoted lover will help and defend you no matter what

Exceptions to this system are the imperial Family of aeon and Aura Ralien due to special reasons

Name Original: Lara Purrishian
Name previous incarnation:Pandora Deathstrike Tempest(kissmet and isle of styx)
Name Taken:Lara Chaoshield
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Class: Rouge/Barby/Fighter
Race Known: Feliner
True Race: Homunculus
Deity Worshiped: All deity's (shes a Polytheist)
Age: Appears 21(true age unknown)
Eyes: Dark Blue
Blood: anyone woth a high spellcraft who studies it will see shes a homuncus

Here blood has special propertys but you have to study it to find out

Blood Pact power
this power can only be gifted to one person upon ritual completion lara can never betray that person or suffer immense pain she doesnt give it freely she only gives it to those she deems worthy of it  the powers are

a drop worth gives

lara can be called through a telepathic link

Recipent has the power of reincanation(immortalty)

Cup worth of blood(semi control as well as anything lara knows the recipiant will know and minor suggestion)

near draining meaning alot of blood(Compleye subserviance to said person and bond is perment as well as lara will be unable to decline orders no matter how evil or diabolical) bomd becomes onone way to recipiants advantage

Reincarnated: over 1000 times
Login Times
M-F 8am-11 am PST
Sat and sun Depends which day i get off then on around 8pm till whenever
(if i have Pto TImes can change you can hit me up on sinfar discord f you need to knoe more)

Shes a soldier under Lady Jayne of Nim

A warning: I Roleplay and emote in the first person because its easier to me and i am used to it if you don't like it i am sorry but i wont change my ways for people besides the way you emote shouldnt affect the detail i put in my emotes

She retains memories of her past life's

Ability's: shared with lilly

Her Claws can secrete a toxic that affects the persons lust and causeing them to be tired as well

Alchemy boon
Potion master craft

she will use potions to get what she wants

loose moral compass

(Corruption) 100 percent

Weight manipulation( she can become as heavy as 20 steel golem's)
Enhanced smell
Enhanced Sight
Enhanced Touch
Enhanced Taste
Undead Detection
Sense Evil/Sense Good

Iron mind: due to her many lives shes highly resistant to mind breaking and can repair said damage while lilly takes over

Soul Power( from her many Reincarnations her soul shines as bright as a super nova to most holy beings or demons)

Her aura is mixed a swirling mass of Light and Shadow

Sexual enhancements from her creation

Highly addictive Cum and Fluids(if immune to poison it wont affect you)(also can turn it off with others if needed)

Heat Scent(She most time smells in heat and her smell is very fragrant)

Expediated birth (can stay preg as long as she wants)

Her tongue is also very long and prehensile as well

Multiple vibrating studs inside her pussy that vibrate when getting used by people enhancing pleasure for both

Anti rape disabled(due to cat confitioning)

Three studs in her mouth the the same effect as her pussy ones

Always Lubricated and ready to be used

Prehensile tail able to lift as much as her weight limit allows

Before you stands a girl who has a thick coat of dark tannish Pink Fur on her body and a Light lioness tail swishing behind her she is a feliner who decided on her own to study the ways of all pantheons of love and beauty in all forms shes a kind caring person who always loves to help those in need which can get her into trouble

She is currently in the employ of the imparial family serving there family obediently in all ways she is feicely protective of her loved ones and friends as well as the imparial Family

Her body is what some call perfect shes curvy well endowed with a pleasant rack as well as a nice full rump

she is quite skilled at transmutation and modifying her body to make it more pleasing for those she meets

Story( 10000 years after her creation)
    Laralina's Story is very involved she was left at an orphanage as a kid and adopted by the king of Neverwinter to be his daughters maid and protector she was skilled at fighting naturally and was a great protector till she got older and the princess married a prince leaving Lara with no real direction till she got told  by the king to join his army as a general where she was famous and strong winning many skirmishes and fights she was the talk of neverwinter till she was told by her lord to explore this place called sinfar and take a vacation for her many years of service.

Currently in a relationship with

Lavinia De'ville(Best Friend)
Aura Ralien( lara is currently carrying her children)(future wife)
Ren shar'til(Lillys mistress)
Florretta Dela Rosa Mors( Lara's Best Friend)
Mei (daughter of aura and lara veey protective)
Jedra'ha Yril'Lysyt: (one of the godess's/friends she worships)
Ren Shartill: ( laras friend and godess she worships)

Creation Story
     She was created in a lab by a mad Hermaphrodite scientist who wanted to produce the perfect slave/pet/Fighter/breeding stock but a flaw in her creature cause her to not be as subservient as the creator wished so as a kid of 5 years old she was sent through a wormhole to the land of faerun in the city of Neverwinter where she was found by a orphanage and raised till she came to be 16 when she followed this lady who was a paladin and sorceress she followed her whenever she can when the Paladin was outnumbered by bandits Lara charged and with her hard claws and fang killed the bandits showing remarkable battle prowess little did she know the lady was a royal guard to King Neverember the king of neverwinter she was scouted and joined the Kings army. She took the last name Shieldheart from the paladin/sorceress that she deeply respected like a mother

THis chars alinment will shift and her body might change through RP

If one manages to see  her nude body they will notice a mark of Love and Beauty showing all holy symbols of every deity that shifts depending which deity shes worshipping at the time

Lights: All Green( no limits) just send tell if you wanna do anything extreme

Fav roleplays:
verbal and physical abuse/Watersports/Foot licking/worship/roughness/bondage/forced impregnation/cumflation/vore(all types)/rape/non-con

if you have a kink thats taboo let me know i roleplay most things

if you wanna mod her let me know and we can discuss it

If you wanna Roleplay her creator let me know her creator was a hermaphrodite

or roleplay her Adopted Mother or orphanage friends

IM Tell and walk up Friendly if intrested in rolplay let me know i have no red at all

She is acualy inhabitng the body of Lillianos she can change at will

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human