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Name: Kizhmani
Gender and Sex: Female
Race: Tiefling
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Black, voluminous and reflective. Straight.
Length: Fairly tall!
Weight: Less than it would seem
Bust: Enormous

You see a pale, grey/blue coloured horned lady with a clear hourglass shaped body, being both top and bottom heavy with a narrow stomach area. Her sizeful breasts seem perky and pushed up. Regarding body type otherwise, it was clearly apparent that she has not done a single day of hard work.

As that tiefling lady walks closer, her voluminous, smooth straight hair reflects little bit all the nearby lights, making that almost ink black hair to have subtle white tinted lines to it. Her pointy "knife shaped" ears pointed out from between those locks.

Upon stopping, Kizhmani gazes back at you with her golden eyes, rising her right hand up to adjust her black framed glasses to have a better view at you. Truth to be told, she couldn't see well no matter close or far you were without those glasses.

"Well~ .. What do you might want or need?" She asked with a soft, low but femine tone before smirking.

Being a researcher, alchemist and eromancer she could cast hexes, brew potions and create trinkets for temporary changes - if that's what you seek. It was also well known that she hardly asked intentions of others when it came to requests... And at times, she required some various substances to fulfill requests of others.

I see where it goes to and what i feel good about listing for this character's lights. She might still not have that interested attitude towards sex as itself, but might need some cum stored into glass vials! It might lead into something else too...! Her idea would perhaps be more about outercourse.

Anyway, I'm personally fairly open minded otherwise. Dubcon is alright too. So go ahead and ask if feel there's need to it.

Some are some greens to help - no promises Kiz will enjoy all of these:
Shemales, herms, females, anal, oral, vaginal, risk of impregnation, cervix penetration, excessive cum, detailed cumshots, messy, paizuri/tittyfucking, handjobs, public places with no other players around, roughness, dirty talk, humilation, degradation, dubcon, pushing Kiz into sex.
Multiboxers (if your characters are with me). Also I dont mind if you want to be DM/GM (not really a light but anyway)

Reds: Men, poop, tentacles, gore, vore and what people usually like to put here.
Player:Emily Triss
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human