Height: 5'11"
Eyes: Emerald green
Skin: Dark Brown
Hair: Bllack with streaks of white
Sex: Feminine, but...

Zabine is a tall woman who appears to be in her mid-thirties. He hair is dark, save streaks of premature white over her ears. Though her frame is feminine, it bears the larger muscles of a swordswoman.
Dark skin stretches over her muscles, gleaming softly in the light, except in some areas where there is some evidence of scarring.
She smiles with pleasantly thick lips upon a face that is made striking with her large, green eyes that still seem to take in the world with a youth's curiosity.
Zabine favours golden and silver piercings, her left ear an ornate piece that covers the top, simple studs climbing upon the right. Her nose bears a small golden ring through the septum.

Green Lights: Men, women, and in between, so long as the roleplay is good! Dirty talk. Voyeurism. Pregnancy risk. Sweat!

Yellow Lights: Groups above three. Small races. Violence. Ridiculously big organs.

Red Lights: Extreme Violence. Beastiality. Rape of all kinds. Actual pregnancy. Toilet stuff. Vore.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human