New character, so still a work in progress! And, she's got the ability to change her appearance with little effort so some stuff might be inaccurate. Refer to the model first and if you're unsure send me a tell!

At a glance:
A sturdy-looking equine gal! She's got horns, muscles and those weird, inverted shins. She also seems awfully female, unless the model shows otherwise. Which would be hard to miss.

Name: Heidy
Race: Horseling?
Gender: Female
Height: Kinda depends on her mood.
Age: Looks young, maybe mid 20's compared to a human.
Skin Color: Sunkissed
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Pink



Red (Do not.):
Poop, kids, permadeath.

Orange (Very mood dependant, usually not interested):
PVP, full animal heads, soft and hard vore. Rape.

Yellow (Probably fine, but ask first!):
Non-con, threesomes and moresomes.

Greens (Sure!):
Pretty much everything else! Anything from lewd things like handholding and friendly hugs to the more normal hentai'ish stuff!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human