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A fiendish Tiefling woman with glowing red eyes, they slowly move along the dark void black sclera behind them.  Often wearing a faint scowl or smirk depending on her mood, sharp elf like ears poke out from her hair and dark black horns above them.

Her skin is soft and free of blemish, a light lilac cream color.  Her body was lithe and light, toned muscle and gentle curves.  An active tail wades playfully behind her, the spade curling about in the air in curious ways.

There is an intricate pendant that hangs from her neck.  It is a hollow silver circle with four mithril settings.  The first sits at the apex of the circle and holds a small sapphire.  The second on the extreme left of the circle holds a smooth obsidian pearl.  The southernmost setting holds a radiant ruby.  And the last on the right contains a diamond.

When she moves about, her body purposely sways in an alluring and confident stride.


Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human