Xerela Tyraeth

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Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Grayish Black
Eyes: Pale blue, with narrow black slits for pupils. Much like those of a cat, or a dragon.

This dragonkin woman appears to be quite athletically-built, and moves with a well-practiced smoothness, her quiet steps barely leaving a trace. If one can look past the very-visible and sharp-looking fangs she has, they might note that Xerela seems to have an odd manner of talking, as if she's not been speaking the Common tongue for very long.

From the oddly-coloured and dark scales that play across her very pale skin, to her notable fangs, obviously draconic eyes, and of course, her wings, it is obvious that this young lass has draconic blood running strongly through her veins. At first glance, one might think she is a black-scale dragonkin, but Xerela's wings aren't entirely "solid" looking, and her scales are different in colour. Depending on the light and angle, they seem black one moment, blue-grey another, dark brown another moment, and event sometimes translucent, as if her scales and wings are not entirely 'real'. Blink, and they've changed again.

UPDATE: On her left-hand ring finger is a shiny new gold ring with a gleaming, well-polished red gemstone. This is unmistakably an engagement ring.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human