Lolda Desbis d'Au'Tic

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A fierce little 3'2" package of a goblin!  This feisty creature has a mouth full of dagger like teeth, and an agile frame.  She is the creature under the bed!  The axe woman from the closet!  Don't close your eyes; she may show in your nightmares!

Her right eye is a rich green and her left eye is a grey with a hint of yellow.  Her teeth have been filed to be sharp as they are; though she has natural tusks that shoot up from her bottom jaw as well.

At the ends of her fingers and toes are long; razor sharp claws.  Though a little secret she has for fun times is that the claws on her middle fingers have been removed and replaced with fake ones that are detachable.

In combat she not only uses those axes of her's but she bites, kicks, claws, scratches, and down right fights dirty (represented by her sneak attack damage)

She holds 3 amulets on one necklace; an amulet denoting Khurgorbaeyag, goblin god of of slavery, oppression, and morale; one of  Maglubiyet, goblin god of war and rulership, and one of Bargrivyek, goblin god of co-operation and territory.

She wears an emblem of a spider as a broach, holding her cloak together... closer inspection or the trained eye will reveal it as Che'el Oloth origin.

She has a collar that she keeps in a padded box to protect it, should she put it on or have it put on her; the details: Leather collar with a ring in front and 2 other rings with a gold plate on the side of the leather strap.  The plate has etching in the drow language reading "Lolda - Pet"

Erp Lights:
Green: men, women, lady boys, shemales, having a good time, sometimes bondage, sensation play, one on one, groups, relationships sometimes vanilla, sometimes other things.. Very much into affection and after care

Yellow: sometimes the stuff that is in green, light pain

Red; no go zone!: Rape, Consensual Non Consent, breaking server rules, Extreme pain, Monogamy.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human