Alton A'Daragon

Alton is a Drow hunter who undertakes bounties or hunting requests at times. He has dark, smoky black skin and styled greyish silver hair, and a roguish look to his lean muscled body.

    One day upon taking requests for the leader of a sect of ogres to be eliminated, Alton ran across a demi-human fox woman named Ginger, who was about to be tossed into the cooking pot. After overlooking the area, he determined that best course of actions was to stick to the shadows and use a hail of arrows on the goblins in the front of the pack.
    As they fell, it immediately drew attention from some bugbears who investigated the area, seeing that every ogre besides the chieftain who ran the operation of monsters, had been killed. They didn't have much time to think about it as an arrow hit the bugbears and exploded into flames, tossing them around and their bodies into the cavern walls.
    The to him unknown woman's plight was still fairly safe. No one was there to stop him from his main quarry and the reason he came there. The ogre chieftain cowered in a corner for a moment and a whistle came forth. A large dire wolf came out and began sniffing around, but not before a death arrow pierced its neck and it fell to the ground, dying after a moment of chocked on its own blood.
    At this point the ogre chieftain shook in terror seeing the wolf die, a large yellow puddle forming underneath it. An arrow shot out of the darkness and his wrist would suddenly be pinned to a nearby crude building. Then his other, then two more, one through each of his shins. Alton took this chance to free the woman, who immediately had rage in her eyes as she grabbed a nearby knife and cut the chieftain's throat, killing him.
    "Well, its a good day, I get my bounty, and the world gets to remain a  more beautiful place." Alton was more than happy with earning his pay and saving the beautiful red haired woman. As Alton was ready to turn and leave, he felt a tug at his right wrist.
    The beautiful woman pleaded with him  "Please, take me with you. Make me yours" she begged him. He agreed to take her to town, but after much persistence totaling a month on her behalf she won getting him to put a cute belled collar on her neck, claiming her for himself. To this day his life has never been better after claiming Ginger.

Lights: The usual suspect reds. Submissives who would make good tanks, healers, or casters may be considered, as this man loves the adventure life.
Player:Judgement Cut End
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf