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//We can rebuild him.  We have the technology.  He can be better.  Tougher.  Well, maybe not tougher.

Age: 20
Height: 5'2
Eyes: Crimson
Sex: Male (femboy/trap)
Role: Submissive, though on rare occasions can switch
Skin: Pale, unblemished.  Those who are very observant (and very close) might detect a hint of tiny silver scales here and there along arms, shoulders, and neck
Hair: Dark red (usually)
Important Jewelry/Item: If wearing a tight shirt, it would also be clear he now possesses a matching pair of nipple piercings, the rings faintly visible through the fabric.

What at first glance might look like a slim, mostly flat-chested young woman is in fact a petite half-elven male.  The little bulge in the front of the tight shorts he sometimes wears might give him away, or the voice deeper than a womans but higher than a mans.  

He's become more comfortable in his new surroundings, as well as more confident in who he is.  He moves with a measure of grace, though going by
the jiggle in his cheeks he lives comfortably, and would be perfectly suited to a pair of leggings reading "JUICY" across the butt.

These days he's far more likely to be seen sporting a mini-skirt - often without panties beneath, though his genitals aren't large enough to do more than maybe peek slightly as he walks. If in a tight shirt, one might also glimpse the outline of his rather new nipple rings.

//Very friendly to tells, whether expressions of interest or just a quick "nice character model".  Also, until further notice, Anaval is magically sterile.

Lights (all subject to change on player whim, and RP overall!)

This used to be more detailed, but if it isn't in the reds and yellows, feel free to ask if it's super out there.  Otherwise, go for it, and be prepared for whatever may come of it.

Yellows: Permanent changes (discuss OOC, don't try to force any)

Reds: Males in ERP, server rules, watersports, scat, death, beastiality, urethral insertions, rape
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf