Ellandria Hephalia

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"Like, ugh, seriously? No wonder they sent me to cleanse you of your filthy sins..."

"Pulling out is a sin!"

"Head on a pike / Plain and vacant tonight."

Age: ???
Sex: Shemale
Height: Tall
Build: Strong
Bust: 34 DD
Skin: Pale
Complexion: Milky White
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Glowing Blue
Scent: Floral. Powdery. Vanilla. Sweet
Religion: RP
Sexual orientation: Fucks girls
Sexual disposition: Dom
Personality: Lawful Brat

"She's the Spike Spiegel of angels!"

Distinguishing marks:
Resting "Does it look like I care?" Face.

Jewelry :
Does the shiny halo over her head count?

Personal effects:
Anti-Corruption pheromones

Her Name:
Ellandria - An angel with red tipped feathers on her wings, carrying a white staff made from the Horn of a high ranking demon, she is called upon when higher demons wreck havoc on planes of the mortals.

Hephalia - An angel so beautiful and lovely, most mistaken her for a goddess at first. She is the bringer of love and fertility, with a harp of pure gold and a voice where even the hearts of demons can be melted.

Theme Song:
*Equip Sunglasses* - Hot Mulligan


YES! Before you ask, I know, /the/ question. Her cum glows. YES because each of her swimmers has a little halo!


Punishing sinners
Compelling Characters
Breeding the forces of evil
Meeting up via tells or organically IC

Good Roleplay
Good Smut

Boring RP

The usual stuff



"Whatever happens, happens."
"Just a humble angel, ma'am."

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human