Zaeed Al-Shannah

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 Captain Zaeed of the Sabani Guard

       Saban & Sambrune

        Rattelyr Dragon

      Late 30's, early 40's


          Usually Big.

      Humanoid description:
A figure of impressive stature, broad shoulders accentuated by formidable pauldrons. Only partial armor coverage allows for a glimpse of his dark bronze skin, showcasing his draconic ancestry through scales and horns adorning his face and head. He sports a distinctive hairstyle, an amalgamation of braids, dreadlocks, and a red cloth binding it all together. The picture is further completed with a cigarette leisurely perched between his lips, a single piercing blue eye visible, with the other concealed behind an eyepatch. He exudes a rugged, muscular physique, free of any excess fat, possessing striking features and deeply defined muscles where his skin is exposed.

      Draconic description:
When Zaeed embraces his true form, he transforms into a creature of unparalleled majesty and ancient power. Cloaked in shimmering scales that transition from the softest hue of violet to a deep, regal purple, his entire presence becomes ethereal. Twisted horns, reminiscent of spiraled ebony, crown his head, giving it a regal bearing. His almond-shaped eyes glow with a gold luminescence, seeming to harbor the wisdom of eons. Zaeed's long, sinuous tail, adorned with gradient scales, terminates in a cluster of sharp bony spikes, serving as both an emblem of beauty and a potent weapon. In this form, Zaeed stands as a testament to the timeless beauty and strength that myths and legends are woven from.

         OOC Notes:
The only RP I will setup OOCly is the start of a plot point, please do not approach me for OOC ERP setups.

My only real desire is that whatever happens is a consequence or causality of RP. If all you want is ERP, then you won't find it with me.

Zaeed is a character, he may not always be nice nor enjoyable company. I do not wish to make anyone feel bad OOCly so RP with at your own risk.

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Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human