Eloise De'Ville

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"The day that I met you, I started dreaming."
Name: Eloise
Alias: Sugar Plum
Race: Half-Blood Fiend
Gender: Futa
Pronouns: She/Her He/Him
Age: 18
Height: Short
Figure: Slender/Athletic
Scent: Spicy Cinnamon
Background: Noble Born
Title: Hipster
Piercings: Septum
Disposition: Top. Alpha.
Parents: Lavinia+Natasha
Sexuality: Polyamorous
Likes: Being pampered, Music, IPAs
Dislikes: Attention seeking behavior. Chaos
Hobbies: Cleaning, Netflix and Chill
Personality: Charming, Elegant, Cute, Strict
Flaws: Claustrophobia
A De'Ville values family above all else, at any cost.
They do not pluck out their enemies. Opting instead to isolate, starve them of water, and watch their leaves crumble.

Eloise is a total spoiled rich brat.
Worse yet, shes the spoiled rich brat of /the/ spoiled rich brat.

Theme Song: Faye Webster - Kingston


Lewding the hottest girls, Rough-dirty-sweaty smut, Being pampered/worshiped, RP buildup into smut, Impregnating cuties/Breeding, Tongue piercings, Girls who squirt, Vaginal sex, Dirty talk, Big titties, Blowjobs, Rimming, Flirting, Consent or lack thereof, Bad ends(for your worthless character), Morgan.

See white lights.

Bubble RP, Male and Shemale in ERP (not really my thing), 0 effort NWN toons, Blank bios, Halflings

~Red: (I reserve the right to bail without notice)
Waiting for your lazy short post, Latex,
PVP without proper RP, Furries/Animals in ERP, Fisting, Scat, Vore.

~A SPECIAL NOTE ON FAPLOGGING: I will shadowban your ass and gossip about you in OOC lounge. (You've been warned)

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human