Jacinth Artus

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~OOC note, I am Dyslexic so I mostly spell Phonetically.~

Name: Jacinth Artus.

Age: Appears in her early twenties.

Race: Ananasi.

Eyes: Deep lamenting eyes the coloer shifting from deep stormy blue, tropic sea green to almost pale sliver. Border with thick, dark lashes and charcoal makeup to give her a mysterious look.

Hair: Silky river of deep plum brown locks, smooth and long the style simple, clean and elegant.

Voice: Soft low almost whispery sultry voice with a rich Nobel like ascents that purrs her R's.

Scent: Velvety black amber and ripe plums.

Over all: Her face is the serene beauty that creeps up on you, a youthful body and cool confident personality leave you thinking she is wiser then her years. A smooth, flawless, physique which draws your eyes from her fine slender neck fanning down to sweeping shoulders that draws your attention down to firm dainty breasts. A slim slip of a waist highlighting the smooth hour glass shape that flairs back out at her hips. Long willowy legs and graceful thighs were finely toned like the rest of her, yet still elegant and feminine. While agile arms leads down to delicate hands, tipped with manicured nails each painted. Her long glossy hair would hide most of her back, yet seemed to highlight the two small dimples at the top of her round shapely cheeks. A slight gap shown between her thighs, a softly rounded mound with neat folds hiding that silky warm slit. From the tips of her toes all the way up to the crown of her head, she was "smooth, flawless, perfect" porcelain skin pale as ivory, leaving this figure to appear with an almost unsettling Beauty. There is a lusting look about her which at times seems haunted.

Lights: I'm very open minded, I love imaginative RP!  She is a Darkmist char, Witchy cultures, Lovecraft, Folktales, superstitions. Darker more realistic, nitty-gritty themed RP.  Love hate friendships, blackmail, power struggles, trickery, deviousness, manipulation, Seduction, kinky, BDSM are all good fun. Consequences to my characters actions and others! Long term RP with plots. walk up, chit chatting, I'll give what I get! you put in so will I.

I don't really have red's. I will go with the flow of RP and would RP my way out if I am uncomfortable with something. But I will not breaks server rules, I would like a heads up to any permanent changes to my character. Please don't God game, or meta game.

Got a thought or wish to ask me something feel free to pm me, I wont bite hard.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human