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//Updated on January 2024//

Name: Eileen
Race: Half Fae
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green, big and expressive
Age: About 18
Build: Slim but feminine
Height: Short, hardly 1,40 m


At first look Eileen looks like a sweet and naive girl. With a beautiful face and a bright smile. She is remarkably attractive for human standards but her petite frame makes easy for her to became unnoticed. Anyone who has been paying attention to her for some time will realise that she seems to have shrunk slightly since she came to Sinfar and now appears to be a bit smaller than she was at first. Also, after taking a closer look at her, will end up noticing that her ears have become pointy and elf-like.

She does look much more used to the world around her now. Usually have a merry mood and a bit of a shy attitude. A keen observer would notice that over time, she seems to have been getting rid almost completely of the trace of sadness that sometimes shadowed her gaze.

On her neck below her left ear she has a visible tattoo, it consist of a ring of musical notes with an ornate letter C at the centre that seem to have a slight golden glow depending on the light.

(Charisma based character)

Adventuring and regular RP are always green. But I don't like PvP at all and I will always prefer to avoid it.

Lights and kinks:

Green: Hypnosis, Magic, Psionics, pet play, slave play, collaring, females, bondage, tickling, teasing, massages, female feet, footwear workship, humanoid races (humans, elves, halflings, succubus, celestials, etc).

Yellow: Males, Shemales, Futas (She is a lesbian. Not attracted to cocks. So usually I prefer to avoid intimate RP with that kind of characters). Penetration on Eileen (Either with a cock or with toys. Pretty much the same as with males and shemales, not really interested in this kind of thing. It is yellow and not red because it is not totally imposible, but it is the closest one to red ).
Conditioning, triggers or permanent mental changes can be cool but always after a proper RP progression. (This one is the closest yellow to green, I like it a lot but it should take some effort)
Also Obvious vampires. She is afraid of vampires.

Red: Anything to extreme. Permanent physical changes, permanent death, pregnancy and the usual reds.

Role: Usually Sub, but depends on her partner

-> Her main kink is mind control, usually the kind of mind control that affects her behaviour, perception, senses, memory, mobility and these kind of things, but doesn't make her a thoughtless zombie. With strong preference to hypnosis but magic and psionics is also cool. I'd like her to be a RP character. I like light ERP and I always prefer roleplaying games and sexy stuff related to her kinks rather than sex itself. Also I want her to be more than a ERP character.


Tell friendly

English is not my first language so please be patient if I'm a little slow sometimes or if I say anything that sound weird. Feel free to correct me if that happens.

I have experience in nwn RP but this is the first time I try it in english. I'm not very confident about my english but I'm trying my best  : )
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human