Belle Cartwright

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Update: 2023-05-20: Belle now had a new tattoo over her belly, a horse shoe with a crown in the middle!

Update: 2023-05-18: Belle now had a pink brand upon her left rear cheek, the head of a cow surrounded by a heart, with the number 4 embedded within.

Update: 2023-05-17: Belle now had a little pink womb-tattoo below her belly button!

Blonde hair, blue eyes, pointed ears, short of stature - This woman looked every bit like an elf, at least at first glance.  A sun elf, except...Her ears weren't quite as pointed as most elven ears.  Her height was on the shorter end of elven stature.  Her skin was a little more pale than most sun elven women.  For anyone with knowledge, it wouldn't be too hard to peg her instead as an elfling, a cross between a halfling and an elf.

Her blonde hair was long, usually pulled back into a ponytail, tucked behind her pierced ears, keeping it out of her blue eyes.  A button nose, pierced through with a ring, was perched atop full lips, her pale, unblemished skin looking somewhat at odds with her usual attire.

A hat was usually perched atop her head, her body clad in leathers and cloths, a pair of blades sheathed on her hips - She looked every bit like an adventurer, a pirate, or else an overconfident street rat.  Tall leather boots completed the ensemble.

She moved with an easy swagger, a confident bravado that showed in every step she took, a smile crossing her lips easily, though her tone was often sarcastic or amused.  Her diction, though, betrayed a life of at least some level of formal education, at odds once more with the seafaring, adventuring look that she presented outwardly.

Her body was slender, moving with the practiced grace and coordination of a dancer or gymnast.  Her pale skin was unmarred, unblemished, showing no signs of actual adventure - Once again incongruent with the look she put forth.  Even still, her form was pleasant, with small, well formed breasts, a flat belly, and a gentle flare of her hips to support a taut bottom and athletic thighs, the woman clearly either naturally gifted, or else sculpted by exercise of some form.

Whites: Size differences, large insertions/stretching, cum/cumplay, humiliation/degradation, name calling, uniforms/forced nudity, risk of pregnancy, breeding, lactation, submitting, shemales/herms, beasts/creatures/summons, gangbangs, sexual slavery, stocks, tally marks/body writing in general, toys, cervical pen, inflation, dubcon, public use/free use, glory hole/stuck in wall

Greens: Vaginal, oral, anal, dp/tp, groups, domming (sometimes).  Most things are acceptable - Ask if you have a question or idea!

Reds: violating server rules, ageplay, scat, etc
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf