This one is going to have ALOT of nudity as well as "Sexual Intent" involved.  She WILL attempt SEDUCTION without introductions!  Public disgrace is excluded.  (I'm not into "Humiliation" in a "Degrading Manner" BUT! playful banter is my Fav!  so "YEP" pants down around the ankles? ABSOLUTELY! just blatantly being forced OR forcing another to crawl around on hands and knees like a beaten dog on the end of a leash? ABSOLUTELY NOT!)

I really don't like putting out a toon that "NOBODY" wants to have anything to do with, but I should put a warning outright.  This is a 'Difficult' character and the primary reason for this is I am 'Personally' going through some 'TRYING' times in RL.  So, try to be open minded but this most defiantly is a "WYSIWYG!"

She has a " Very Darkened" past that involved "Torture!"  "Body Modifications!" and out and out BRUTALITY!" This puts her firmly in the category of abused, neglected and tormented to the very brink of insanity!  The extent of the 'Insanity' issue is up for debate!

To present a specific set of details to the appalling storyline is difficult at best! Namely, this is a situation where not only was she sorted out in some obscure battlefront that included a small unheard-of village in the middle of an 'Ongoing' war in a land far from Sinifar but! She was also part of a brood of beings that went through the most 'Hideous' and 'Diabolical' experimentation a psychopathic lunatic could possibly come up with! (Details can be learned through RP).  

That said!  the basic premise of "Introductions" follows...  OBVIOUSLY use common sense here please... NO!! this isn't going to be an "Absolute" setting of what is happening EVERY time BUT! for the most part this will be the general scenario...

She has become so accustomed to 'Pain and torment' that her mind is twisted and darkened in ways that would make the demons in the lower hells quiver!  What you see, at first, appears to be a somewhat sorted "Darkened" figure in a small cage! The cage being something akin to what you would put a small bear or perhaps a wolverine in.  Even though the bars do nothing for concealment she does well to keep her "Overall" appearance difficult to discern.  At least until you notice something else outside of the cage.  A generally good-sized rodent with a lengthy tail!  a "Wharf Rat!".  Being the creature, it is it doesn't take long for it to notice YOU!  and as with most creatures of this standing the first thought in its arsenal tactics is "Fleeing!" for whatever nearby concealment is available and that is exactly what it does!  At least until it passes by "The Cage!" that contains this being!  What happens next would make a goat's stomach queasy! A hand!  Cuffed and chained with darkened iron links juts through the bars and takes the rat by surprise!  There is a squeal and the rodent thrashes frantically trying to free itself but not for long!  The darkened figure comes about to reveal a female! with darkened skin and what appears to be broken wings jutting from her back that has clearly been whipped and branded far too many times! She opens up her mouth and puts the back of the rodent's neck into her teeth and then with hands both darkened and chained "Snaps!" the spine in the most gruesome display! there is one last final squeal from the rat and the hind leg juts outward a few times convulsively as its life ends.  She begins to "Devour!" The sounds of bone and torn hide as well as the unnerving sound of a low growl is heard as she feeds until there is little left but a few entrails and maybe a small tuff of fur dangling from the corner of her mouth!!  

This "Cage" along with the woman inside will be found in different locations throughout the lands of Sinifar with a note attached reading the following: "NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY HARM OR DEATH CAUSED BY TAMPERING WITH OR ATTEMPTING TO OPEN THE LOCKING MECHANISM!" ...

If you're not willing to RP then don't bother but you'll find her more than eager to develop a storyline.

Otherwise, this is pretty much a "WYSIWYG" Toon as well as a "WIP".  I haven't decided just yet how "Dark" or "Light" I'm going with this one.  Not to mention it's a new sort of build for me.

Standard Lights:
No Vore, gore, scat and just general "Disgusting Behavior".  Please use "Common Sense" here... OF COURSE I realize this is an "Adult Server" sex is bound to happen and more often than not encouraged! but let's, at the very least, be "Civil" about it! Beating her into submission just so you can watch her bleed IS NOT! a "Sexual Encounter!". ;)

No meaningless violence! Though this particular character is already deemed "BRUTAL" I am more into that "SOFTER KINKY" namely light to moderate bondage, scratching, biting etc.
NOTE: no matter how bad my grammar gets, and "YEAH" the grammar monster is hell for me to! I'm not into ripping limbs off! or cutting a major artery! Take regard to the above about what IS NOT a "Sexual Encounter" PLEASE! Maybe a good swat on the rump when its deserving and "Hair Pulling!" THAT! can be an effective means of subduing this "WILD THING" if you do it right! But otherwise "Yes!" she is about as barbaric and "Wild" as they come.... STILL "NO!" MEANINGLESS VIOLENCE! That goes for Meta as well.

If you don't want to RP a situation in HER favor OR, at the very least, allow her to make a few moves of her own! then simply walk away as well. BUT! I will say that I am very easy with the RP flow regardless of what you do or say as long as it makes sense...  DONT JUST SAY "I THREW HER OVER MY SHOULDER" OR "I STOMPED THE CRAP OUT OF HER WITH MY GOD-LIKE STRENGTH! OR SOME OTHER META NONSENSE!"

Server Rules... Duh!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human