Sharna the Black Witch

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Race: Feytouched (human w/ fey ancestry)
Age: Maybe mid 20s (hard to tell w/ fey)
Gender: All gal
Sexual Orientation: Cock connoisseur
D/s Role: Mommy domme (occasional sub)
Height: 5 ft 9 in (including heels)
Weight: 169 lb (the extra is in the tits)
Alignment: Chaotic horny
Relationship: Owned by Indigo Roquelenet

Brimming with red-hot sexual energy, Sharna the Black Witch roams the world on a quest for personal aggrandizement. She is a force of destruction on high heels, steeped in power amassed from countless victims that have succumbed to her carnal charms. Whether men or monsters, her conquests always have two things in common: a prodigious penis and capability to produce exceptional amounts of semen. She fuels her sorcery with the male bodily fluid, and preys on remarkable masculine specimens.

In person, Sharna is a pornographic sight. She has sculpted her figure in painstaking detail for one thing and one thing only: the seduction of anyone with a cock and the desire to put it to use. Her breasts are bigger than her head, and the pair all but refuses to be restrained by clothing. Even wardrobe malfunctions serve her evil purposes. The shameless cocktease flashes her impossibly perky tits at the drop of her hat.

Sharna is a tall woman with legs for days. Her skin and hair exude a scent carefully designed to drive any straight male wild with the desire to bury himself inside her. The succulent witch-cunt between her thighs has been the doom of many a man. Her body is decorated with raunchy piercings throughout: her pussy, her navel, her nipples, her lips, her tongue, her nose, her ears. She speaks in a low and sensual murmur, as if making love to every word.

The Black Witch is a singular enigma, and little is known about her origins. Rumor has it that she is the distant descendant of a tryst between a human and an evil fey creature.

There is a claim of ownership on her collar: Indigo's.

Yes: Powerbottoming, horsecocks, doggy dicks, knotting, bestiality, gangbangs, blowjobs, deepthroating, face fucking, face sitting, rimming, squirting, titfucking, cunt stretching, ass gaping, creampies, sloppy seconds
Maybe: Pee, normal cocks, average dick size, realistic cumshots, focus on detailed bondage
No: Pulling out, always subbing, all story, no sex
Player:Boob Magic
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human