Selkie Smoothhand

Her current name is Selkie Smoothhand, (though she's not aware shes ever had any other) but everyone seems instead, to call her Silky. Smoothhand was a compliment on her arrow making skills, somehow the joke just came together and stuck. Nevermind, worse things have happened to others [don't ask about Leda Swan neck, its not what you might think!]
She has a slight source of embarrassment, her ears, they're rounded in a suspiciously human appearance, probably just a genetic quirk, and of course, no-one, would ever be so rude, as to mention the matter. Defiantly she wears a dangling earing in one ear.
She appears to be a very recent visitor to these realms, startled and rather amused at how, well, how fleshy and tactile everything seems to be here, flesh and all its feeling and sensations seem oddly familiar and curiously nostalgic. Wishes to explore this area of 'flesh' experiences.

Tell friendly...mostly, unless occupied; not in a Possession sense though :)

An adventurer and explorer too, so let's go explore and see what we'll discover.

Everything is mood dependent [both player and char!]

No perma anything without permission.Snuff, gore bathroom stuff, all the usual suspects [ask if in doubt, but don't get huffy if i say no [but think eeeeeuw!]
Player:Darkling Starr
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf