Simon Bowie

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One would assume the person standing before you was a woman, but looks can be deceiving. He was 5'4 in height, his build lithe yet toned muscularly. His voice would also be soft, very close to that of a woman's but someone trained to trickery or were simply wise enough would be able to catch that he isn't actually a woman. A dead giveaway would be his adam's apple which he keeps hidden behind his choker, snap that choker and you'll find out~ His face was feminine looking as well, with a cute little nose and gaunt cheeks. His lips would be painted a dark onyx black shade along with eyeliner and other makeup. Two metal ring pierced the bottom left side of his lower lips. His emerald green eyes would shimmer slightly when light would hit them and they seemed to hold some form of determination within them. Black nail polish would coat the young man's fingernails and around his wrists would be strong cuffs that held metal rings for chaining. His gait would be woman-like, helping to create the illusion that he was actually the fairer sex.
Whites: Roleplay, Walk up conversation, Detailed dialogue, Paragraph+, Non-Con, Humiliation, Futa/Shemales/Twinks/Femboys/Buff or monstrous Women, women with pubic/armpit hair, rimming/facesitting, Abuse, Chastity, Cock-Vore, Object/Bodypart TF. All races~ Josou Seme (Dominant femboy)[G/R]

Greens: ROLEPLAY! Consensual, Romance, Switching/Dominance, Enslavement, Addiction, Crossdressing, Masculine men, Normal Women, Musk, Sweat/filth, Hypnosis, Prostitution, Public use, Mommydom, Petplay, Feet, Watersports. Open to a lot, just ask.

Yellow: If you think it's too much, ask? It's okay to get rough with a cut of fuckable meat.

Red: Scat, Underage, Underageplay, Flatulence, ABDL, Diapers.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human