Nami Wistbreeze

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[Complete Overhaul, 27/12/2023]

Standing in front of you is a very short foxcreature. Specifically, a fox hengeyokai. Nami is diminuitive, and would be an effortless victor in a 4 foot limbo. Typically adorned in too-short shorts and a top that could charitably described as a titty curtain, she is the picture of class.

Spilling long locks of hair, sometimes red and sometimes an odd, inky black, wear halfwaydown her back. Large, keen foxears rise atop her head. Her face, often set keenly into a pleasant smile, is possessed of a pair of bright pink eyes, sclera a murky, entirely black ink. The shape of her eyes and features nod to an eastern, Kozakuran heritage.

Sharp-toothed jaws sit within her mouth, predictably, and, behind them, a swirling, inky black inside. Her tongue is entirely black, her mouth, too, and her throat is to boot. Her lips are punctuated with what appear to be tooth holes, all of them infilled with the same black inkiness.

What she lacks in height, she makes up for in waistline. A heavy belly juts out over the rim of her shorts, swells her sides, and broadens her back, though it doesn't absolve her of shape. Far from it, the fat packed into her short frame climbs out into a wide curve, her hips, pillowy thighs and juicy behind absolutely womanly and absolutely enticing. Her breasts, swollen from repeated pregnancies and the pressure of her diet, sag. She is the picture of womanly fat, a salaciously packedin shortstack that'd look great squeezed over an oversized dick.

Underneath, Nami's female anatomy - and it is female - is an alluring peach of corruption. Permanently puffy labia squeeze tightly around her dignity, engorged, soft, and simply drenching wet. They pour off an intense feminine scent, laced with what keen nose will pick up as ~fertility~. A simply prodigious breeder, you'll have to get yourself up her to enjoy the treasures of her tunnel. A thicket of red, or sometimes black, soft fur sits around her pubis mons, trailing down and around her groin and behind. Her girly juices are viscous, dripping down in gelatinous strings when she parts her thighs, and are utterly depraved.

Up close, Nami has a very distinct scent. It smells like summer blossom, and is alluring, and very pleasant. Yet, it has an interesting, end-of-summer quality, like the mulchy dampness of mass blossom fall degrading into the soil. [You can ask why in tells if you think you might be able to detect fiendish influences!]. In addition to this, she often wears the ripe scent of herself; a wild muskiness.

Everything about her is just a little bit over the top. She's just a little fatter than her frame should hold; her scent is just a little stronger; her pleasantness is just a tad too sugary sweet, and her sexuality is just a tad too alluring.

...for the rest? Speaking to her, and hearing her feminine voice [analagous to 'real-world' Estuary English], might lead to you towards learning a little more about her.

Name: Nami
Age: About 120
Height: 3'9 or so
Build: Fat. A pigfox.
Orientation: A sub with a switchy attitude
Profession: Food tester, cinnamon bun exterminator, vulpine breeding chamber

~ ~ ~ OOC ~ ~ ~

- Very tell friendly, but you will run the risk of me chatting your ear off OOCly for hours :>

- I am not ruling out walkup ERP, but it's unlikely without at least a bit of RPing or OOC setup, purely because Nami tends to be quite busy <3

- Nami is very happily in head-deep with a resplendent, benevolent demon. As a result, she possesses a number of physical gifts that, by and large, I like to deploy in a fun and typically consensual manner. Feel free to PM and ask about those.

- As a result of above, Nami is extremely unlikely to be a good target for impregnation, enslavings and such things. I'm down for threats of such, and collaring in RP, but any longterm discussions that would impact her 'storyline' need to be discussed.

- I have an F-List which I am developing. However, please ask away in game if there's something you'd like to do. I am ~truly~ an open book and there are no kinks that will repulse me. I am not judgmental, the worst I can say is no, so please ask.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human