Nami Wistbreeze

Standing before you is a short and stern-faced humanoid. Somewhere between 3 and 4 foot tall and with an irritated expression, the thing that often stands out most about this girl is her pair of fox ears, a fluffy bushy tail, and her rather pretty features.

Underneath her often functional leathers and linen is a salacious human body, hairless but for a tight thicket of orange above her clam, which seems lightly damp, and leads teasingly back into her tight behind which sits behind a rather large and juicy rump and pair of thighs. A fuckable package. Nami has spent roughly 120 years in existence, though 100 of those were spent exclusively in the animal forms she finds herself now bereft of. By no means naive, she does however lack some nous around human society at large.

After a tumultuous few weeks in the islands, Nami has earned herself a firm, slightly rounded belly, a pair of leaking breasts, and an almost permanently blush about her cheeks. Who knows who's it is.


Nami is a furiously demagicked hengeyokai stuck in her current form and desperate to find a way out of it and back to power. As such she'll do pretty much anything for magical beings, whether they can give her power or not. She's also a bit of a horny brat who wants it rough but perhaps regrets it.

Green - Male, shemale, magic wielders, rough sex of all types, anal, vaginal, breeding, smacking about, hair pulling, prostitution, incest, being a cocksleeve, drug use, beast

Yellow - Big dom/sub scenes (training, spanking, torture, etc., tell me if you want to as it can be a buzzkill), toilet play (again just ask what, I vary), females (i want to be penetrated),

Red - Footplay, long 'does it fit?!' scenes, soft stuff, server rules and anything approaching them...
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling