Archaice Deviltongue

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Hellish red Fiend (Devil), can shape shift, so if she's in an other shape then it's "what you see is what you get!".



Her delicious skin always covered in sweat and constantly glittering whenever the slightest light reach it. Petite hands with twisted blood-veins and white knuckles quite visible on them, particularly the soft veins on her digits stands out as they end in long arched, sharp black talons.

Her long slender legs leading up to her inviting luscious soft tush and that throbbing cock with it's naughty horizontal piercing studs dotting it's length, which end with a soft mushroom shaped glans. The scent from her sweat is mysterious alluring with a edge of brimstone, and in rare cases one can see gatherings of brimstone on her attractive hour-glass-shaped figure.

The body of the she devil has a sexy shape, her slim waistline shaping down to slightly wider hips, which lead down to her firm heart shaped butt. Her slender waist keeps a natural sensual sway, making her buttocks even more eye catching. Her long gorgeous hair teasing her cheeks which make her smiles with those swollen gorgeous lips, showing a pair of white corner fangs just below her before closed lips.

Her long and wild mane of hair cascades beautifully down her back and down her cheeks. The hair fall down in front of her ears, down her cheeks, due to the placement of a pair of proud horns. From her cute nose and to these massive horns, smaller horns form a V-shape on her forehead, making it look like as if she's wearing an infernal crown of horns. The wild and unruly hair makes a majestic frame for her stunning beautiful fair skinned face, her chin bone looks to be of elven origin. Her intense soul-searching gaze, framed by massive amount of dark swollen delicious eyelashes. Her smooth, slim and fine arched eyebrows, just above her eyes. her elven looking ears leading down to her slender neck.

She moves very graceful and sensual, her soft breasts are a large C-cup size, fitting to her figure's size perfectly. they are very firm and inviting displayed with their neat circular nipples and areolas. Having a piercing penetrating one of her nipples horizontal, making it stand at full attention even when she's not turned on. She got a bashing diamond piercing at her belly button, decorating her defined lower abs.

One can easily see her infernal origin as her forked tongue look like that of a snake. extremely long, agile and as thin as a straw.

Kids, rape, feminine men, permanent death, gore, God-emoting, OOC Drama, Repeating Scenes, Logging off without a word, Bad Hygiene, Archaice being a fuck-doll, she's dominating by nature and likes to be in control..

Creativity, Men/women/herms/shemales, All Races, Fun, Tells, Storyline, Romance, Flirting, Role play, Sexual Role play, Anal (giving & receiving), Oral (giving & receiving), Facial, Groups, Public sex, Vaginal (giving), Rough, Be your submissive pleasure shemale for millions, Vanilla, Monsters, Animals and much more.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human