Hiromi Kazuko

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Once upon a time, there was a young Kitsune named Hiromi Kazuko. Her oriental origins are clearly visible, coming as they do from the distant lands of Kara Tur and beyond. Of fairly normal height for a person of her race (around 1m70), it's her hair that tends to set her apart from the rest. As red as blood, its length is also impressive, coming close to her buttocks. She seems to take great care of it, given the beauty and reflections that emanate from this hair. Numerous oriental accessories are also visible to proudly decorate her.

As you descend, her face and ears are also quite distinctive. Two large Kitsune ears are visible, with numerous piercings adorning them. The hair on her ears is well groomed. Her face, beyond its oriental origins, shows something remarkable with green eyes that are too colorful to be natural... Perhaps a magic that emanates? In any case, like her ears, her face is also adorned with piercings. Finally, two fangs can be seen protruding from her mouth, proving her Kitsune origins.

The rest of her body also exudes a certain presence. Her long, bushy, red tail seems to have silky, glossy fur. A few scars are also visible on her arms (obviously battle scars) and if you have the opportunity to see her less clothed, you'll see a few more, again proving battle scars. Naked, her body is totally hairless. Her breasts are fairly normal for her size, neither too small nor too large, and her sex is also hairless. She seems to take good care of this part of her body too, and always gives off a light cherry scent. When she's in the mood for a walk, she's dressed in a beautiful pink and white kimono. With plenty of floral motifs to liven things up. Looking very much like a Geisha (minus the make-up), she nonetheless has the accessories to match. A beautiful pink and yellow Obi Hana de Geisha belt, she also wears traditional Geta shoes.

When she's in the mood for adventure, on the other hand, she wears an outfit that's much more practical for walking and much more for beauty style. She carries a beautiful bow on her back, as well as a quiver. Her outfit also features camouflage colors, so that she won't be seen in the forest or in nature in general (colors range from green to white to brown). She often changes colors depending on where she is). Finally, she sometimes wears a hood. In the mood to hide her face and certainly have a bit of peace? Speaking of peace of mind and moods. Hiromi is often a rather discreet person. She exudes a certain almost regal presence, and is a stickler for politeness without being overly rigid. The rest is up to you to discover.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human