Gloth D'Tsab

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Height: 5.5
Eyes: Crimson
Gender: Male
Race: Drow

Like most of his kind this particular male was blessed with a handsome countenace, one that suggests he may be of noble birth. He wears his hair long, keeping it well groomed and decorated with jewelry.

The male's crimson orbs function as a window to his damaged soul. His voice matches the appearance of his eyes, as it's equally cold. Unlike most of his kind it lacks malice, excitement or anger. In fact, his voice doesn't appear to betray any emotion at all.

While not physically strong the Dark Elven male clearly keeps himself in shape.

While he doesn't appear to be keen on social interaction it's not uncommon to see him observing others from a distance.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human