Adora Cassielah-Meivriana

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       Adora Cassielah-Meivriana

'Come on, keep up!' That's what Adora constantly heard almost all the time. 'We have a shit load of things to cover, and not a lot of time; this way!' Again?! Yes; again, and again it came.  She wasn't one to disappoint, and she definitely wasn't one to let down the people that cared about her the most.  Early life was rough, and tedious; grueling even at times.  But she pushed through, and became all the better for it.

The lush babe quickly began to master the skills, and measures that she was going to need to make it through. She honed in on her gifts in order to learn how to protect herself by the element of surprise; to protect those she cared about. She knew that she had what it took, just that it was going to take practice, and time to get there.

Eyes of mismatched color quickly became some of the keenest that the land had ever seen. Her ears turned out even better.  The buxom babe set out to see what she could make of herself, with only one thought to go along with it: 'If you can't live life having fun, why live at all?'  That was her motto, and she was going to stick to it.

Light on her feet, she was quick to greet, and offer welcome to just about everyone with a friendly smile. A waggle of her well-kept fingers almost always came along with it.  Adora always seemed to trot along with something of a heavy confidence.  But she was also slightly aloof, or was she? It seemed that way.  Cheerfully giving study over most of the details that many overlook, but she was far more observant than most would believe her to be.

    The part that you care about.

Adora's lineage has left her with little to be desired where physical beauty is concerned. She knows this, but she doesn't flaunt it.  She's confident about her appearance, and  never compares, or pushes it onto anyone else.  An exception to this rule might be her sister on an all-too-frequent occasion.

She's graced with something of a light, ashen complexion. A complexion that shows off her infernal blood, but much lighter than one would typically find on a dark elven beauty.  

Ass-length, ginger hair was pulled back, and often braided into haphazard tendrils.  These measure of mane-management drape down over her shoulders, and down her back to often meet at the plump of her ass.  Sometimes she even found the fancy to braid the whole mane right up, so that it's length could swing about her backside.  Maybe she was showing off her backside, or maybe she wasn't.  

Mismatched eyes came in the lustrous crimson, and countering baby-blue. Their glow was ever the clash of the conflicting nature that forever pulled her in opposite directions.  Eyes most oft remained lazy-lidded in aloof, daydreamy-ness.

Lush, crimson-painted kissers formed the pillows of lips.  These cushions often were curled up into either an ever-amused smile, or just something of a cheery grin.  The soft darkness of her complexion offset both her eyes, and her lips to form an almost glowing expression, even when she seemed down.

Drawing from the grace of her blessed lineage made a nice example of the fact that she was well-off on both sides; infernal, and elven.  Pointed, elven ears; large, crimson-feathered wings folded up at her shoulders, and slight talons at the tips of her fingers.  

With a bosom heavy enough to fall right in the middle of the norm of the realm. She usually kept her chest bound up just enough so that the strikes of her steps caused a delicious wobble to her cleavage;  a wobble that drew the eye down.  No piercings; proportional to the rest of her curves.

Adora's belly was toned just enough to leave a slight presence of softness behind. A softness that hid the fact that she was fit under her ample curves. But that backside, though.  The incredible bounce, and wobble that luscious butt produced was without equal, save for perhaps her sister. Her sister would certainly argue that, but that was their fun.

Much to the adoration of many, and vastly unfortunate for many others, she wasn't entirely female.  To go along with the supple softness of her hairless, chubby garden of luscious lady-kissers, there resided a sizable girl-cock. Nice bag below to go with it.  She seemed to fall right in the middle of the road here as well.  Nothing much too large, and nothing too small. Nine inches ready-to-go, and six at ease.

Thick, but toned thighs led down into equally matching legs, and feet.  Adora kept her toes painted either a cute green, or a dark red.

         Gear on her person:

A pair of exotic hand-choppers.  These choppers are constructed of a rare alloy known as mithron. Mithron is composed of equal parts mixture of spherium, and mithril, with tiny sprinkles of diamond dotted in.  These were incredibly light, and kept viciously-sharp.  She stowed her weapons in a pair of clips on her belt.

An adventurer's belt that came complete with all of the various, non-negotiable items that one might need. All of the essentials needed to head out into the wilds for an extended period of time.

A soft, heavily durable, hooded-cloak. The cloak was made from weathered sphinx hides.  She often leaves the cloak to drape loosely over her shoulders, or pulling up tighter around herself when she's shielding herself from the ever-present rain, and snow seen so common around the realm.

         TL:DR Stuff!

Height: Six foot.
Race: Teefer.
Eyes: Heterochromia - Red, and blue.
Hair: Ginger.
Gender: Herm.

Lights: No Shit, No Vore; anything else goes.

Player:Devilish Elves Are Delicious
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human